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Palo Verde Unified School District Reviews

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I have been in the Palo Verde Unified School District for 13 years. I don't quite remember how elementary school was in this school district but it was not horrible. Our school district is just an average one. In middle school it was worse. We lost many teachers and the middle school closed as my class promoted to high school. Now in high school, we have changed principals several times and it has gone downhill. I feel that our education level is significantly lower than other schools.
My experience at PVHS has not been a good one. Every year I have noticed a decrease in staff and amenities. Also many clubs have been disbanded and there's not much school culture anywhere. Most of the staff members do not try their best to ready and prepare their students for college but more just preparing them to graduate. We lack many things and opportunities that student's from other schools have, our academics are very poor along with our extracurricular activities. I just hope to one day see PVHS grow into a proper high school that does a better job at preparing their students for universities and future careers.
The Palo Verde Unified School District is an overall good school district, but there are a some changes I would like to see. I would like to see more college readiness. Although the Palo Verde High School gives you the option of being able to take advanced placement classes, I don’t think that they’re working or showing any progress based on our test scores. I understand that the test scores are also based on our own individual determination as students to want to study and get a good scores, but I feel like the teachers should be doing a little more to help with the improvement. Other than that, the school is a really nice, diverse school and there’s a lot of different clubs and activities to get involved in. The rest of the schools in the district seem to not have many problems based on that issue.
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It’s good district even though they fired out high school principal for no apparent reason. This district has some good teachers. I wouldn’t say all of them are all that good
Most students and parents dislike palo verde School districts, but I love it. My experiences of the district from kindergarten until now as a Palo Verde High School Senior is the greatest expirence ever I have done bad and good and growing as our district does I have learned so much especially how to have more involvement in our little town. I love that we have small campuses which makes us students so much closer and also brings us closer to the staff members who also are there to help us and see us achieve one of are biggest and greatest accomplishment which is walking across the stage in June. Our district does everything to better the life’s and future of us students who are reaching for the stars. Yes our schools might not be the prettiest, the biggest, maybe not even the most educated but we our like one big family and we push ourselves and each other to get where we need and want to be and that is all I could and would ever be able to ask for from a school district.
This is a very great school district. Mrs. Smith the principle at Margaret White Elementary is very nice, always willing to help and really cares about her students. One thing this district needs to improve on is having more help/opportunities for special needs children.
You can learn different kind of things. They have great teachers on their schools. They help you if you need something, no matter your home language . Having people that can help kids having english as a second language.
I have been a student under the Palo Verde Unified School District since second grade. It encompasses the city of Blythe, 5 miles off the border of Arizona. Although it may be small, it is easier to know many of those who are attending schools within the district. Less students also allows more time for a teacher to help those under their tutelage. Being small also helps with our clubs and activities. Since we have many family businesses around town, they are willing to participate in events and donate money and resources to organizations. The community is almost like a tight-knit family.
I have worked for PVUSD for 7 years. It has been my experience that school board and administrators have a less than desirable approach to Special Education. Every year it is a struggle for inclusion, or even simply hiring qualified, credentialed SpEd teachers. Many rimes IEP's are written by people who have never even met the child and impletation/following the IEP does not happen. The school district is now 2 million dollars in debt for fraudulent reasons. I give PVUSD 2 stars becase there are still good teachers within the district to exceed the standards and truly care. Administration and the board, leave many students and parents with many questions and little to no answers.
I loved my experiences at PVHS. Our jacket family was stronger then ever. You haven't seen anything until you have seen PVHS Football Homecoming!
Limited number of AP and higher level classes. Nice athletics program. Excellent Teachers. Very Positive High School Spirit and Culture. Allows High School students to take community college classes. Love that High school pool is open to community during very hot summer months.
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