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Palo Alto Unified School District Reviews

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I really did like the school but there is much more to improve and they need to challenge students even more because everything is too easy and their hot lunch is not good and I think that they should provide better, delicious, and nutritious meals. I did meet my best friend there.
Great student body, but stressful environment. Administration can be really difficult to get a hold of, and its not easy to get support.
PAUSD is one of the nation's top school districts. It has a reputation for having vigorous academics and hard classes. But, it's not too challenging and prepares the kids for higher education just the right amount. Schools in this district has very friendly members and the administration does their job.
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I like how we have many resources and people here are motivated. However, student voice is often lost in admin decisions.
I have 2 children in PAUSD. Like the strong academics, excellent teachers, ample resources funded by the generous donations from parents. Diversity, culture, campuses, and a very strong desire to succeed among students are definitely the advantages of this school district, and namely Gunn High School. What school is lacking is emotional intelligence, resilience and athletic leadership. Athletic Director is highly unprofessional and yet keeps his job for years, which casts doubts on the school leadership. Being a strong academic school Gunn would highly benefit from a stronger more coherent athletic program. The one that can add balance to student's lives. A very competitive environment overall. Excellent teachers!
Palo Alto Unified School District does a great job on reviewing issues that occur throughout the district. However, I would like to see improvement on sexual assault and harassment cases.
The Palo Alto Unified School District is an average district, I believe this because it is here for students to learn but I also feel like that they aren't as open as it should. Most schools have diversity but unfortunately we don't also some students will brag about there wealth and not everyone can have the newest shoes or the newest bags or anything.
While Palo Alto Senior High School can be very stressful, I feel very fortunate to go here. The facilities and resources offered are amazing and I have many opportunities to study or be involved in whatever I want.
Palo Alto Unified School District is a top rated, public school district located in Palo Alto, CA. It has 12,460 students in grades K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1.
The standard of academics is very high. If you get the right teacher, you will have a great experience. There is a lot of pressure at the high schools; everyone is at such a high level that it can get overwhelming. There is also a lot of pressure to take as many APs as you can fit into your schedule.
Overall good school but they need to get rid of bad teachers and lower student stress. The atmosphere surrounding college is very toxic. Such unrealistically high expectations, and if you don't meet them, you are seen as lesser of a person.
They honestly don't care about student life when you bring to their attention bullying or poor wellness within the community you are brushed aside. Another thing is that they do not implement the homework policy they placed about a year or two ago. Teachers still give over the maximum 30 minutes a night for homework with kids doing homework for at least 2 hours on one assignment. Most of the assignments are busy work that are labeled "practice".
Great atmosphere, and how diverse it was and still is. I had great teachers that helped if I ever get stuck on something. There is also resources for students applying for college.
The experience has been good I have had a lot of fun times not only with my friends but also with the teachers in the classroom. One thing Palo Alto High School could change is the diversity It is mostly white and asian. I just wish we had more latinos and blacks at the school. Other than that the school is really good and I have had a lot of fun these past 3 years and hope my senior year goes even better.
Very supportive staff, eager to help you learn and understand. Great support from the wellness center. Always a staff member on hand to help.
It is a great school. But the competitiveness causes a lot of anxiety in students. I don’t think I had any friends I remember here. Especially since everything was so focused on getting As and transferring to Ivy League school.
Overall, I've had a fantastic experience at Palo Alto High School and the Palo Alto Unified School District. The resources allotted to students are cutting edge and incredible.
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I loved attending Palo Alto High, the teachers were great and the location of the school was even better. Students have access to town and country to eat, the Stanford Mall and downtown Palo Alto. Overall I really enjoyed my time at Palm.
Palo Alto Unified School District provides great resources and support groups. We have a lot of room for improvement in terms of mental health.
I really like the facilities, and academically is excellent if you are not a minority otherwise you have to do your best mostly on your own. If you are a self-motivated student you could succeed in this environment.
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