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Palmyra R-I School District Reviews

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Being in such a small town, the Palmyra School District has always received exceptional support from the community, which is something I will miss when I move away to college. Most members of the staff and administration work very closely with students to ensure all material is understood completely. I have always felt comfortable going to any of my teachers for extra help when I don't understand a subject, which has been very beneficial. One thing I would like to see improved upon is the activities of extracurriculars like Student Council and Key Club. Being a member of both, I know we could do more to give back to the community.
I like how active the teachers, and how they get students engaged in class. They encourage student to get more involved in other activities like, student council. The school staff puts all upcoming events on the school’s social medial, helping us get informed when the games and other events take place. The teachers motivates students that have lacked or have fallen behind in class, to encourage them to participate in class. The one thing I would change is more foreign classes and opening the library up earlier in the morning.
Palmyra R-I School Distric is a very good facility for anybody around. Palmyra High School is very advanced in academics and athletics. I have no complaint about this schoo district at all because it is very helpful and has a 18-1 student to teacher ratio in most classes so your teacher knows you individually.
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I’ve always went to palmyra so my opinion is a little bias but all of our new students this year have left after 1 semester so take that how you will. We’re all middle class white kids so our diversity kind of sucks. It’s not like that’s the schools fault though.... we’re a small town in northeast Missouri.
The Palmyra R1 School district is absolutely amazing. We just recently went one to one and have transitioned better than expected into the technology realm. Teachers are always willing to help and assist in any way possible as well.
I have learned many life skills in my years in the Palmyra R-1 School District. I have had some amazing teachers and been around some amazing people. I am proud to say I am a Palmyra Panther.
Overall I have had a good experience at Palmyra R-1 High School. The school district has a good academic program. They are limited on the clubs that would attract everyone. Meaning there are clubs for the smarter kids, but some kids slip through the cracks. Palmyra R-1 puts a lot of emphasis on sports. If you aren't in sports then you aren't really cared about. There is NO diversity in Palmyra. There is a lot of intolerance here as well.
Palmyra High School has a very strong teaching staff and every teacher I've taken a course with has done anything and everything to reach out and make sure I'm getting the education I need.
The majority of the teachers are very helpful and help students excel inside and outside of the classroom.
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