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I would like to see the guidance office work with the students more to truly prepare them for college.
I enjoyed going to a school that I knew everyone that attends the school. What I would want to see changed is that the school counselor start earlier in helping students choose a school.
It has a good atmosphere, but the education is sub-par. Especially so if we're talking about science.
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Great teachers who really care and invest their time in you. I also loved the variety of classes that were offered that related to what I wanted to study in clooege and eventually make a career out of.
They prepared me so well for college and the business world. I am currently a c-level executive that moved back. I am so excited for my children to attend these schools.
Throughout the years at Palmyra High School, I have been taught a lot. Palmyra is a great school with some wonderful teachers that guided me through the choices I have made academically. I am a member of the Interact Club, the Varsity Softball team, National Honors Society. Spanish National Honors Society, and manager of the Varsity Boys Soccer team. Although I am not going to college as a science major, I do wish that Palmyra did have a science department that was a little bit better to benefit those who are going for that intended major. I would say that is the only thing I would change.
My experience with Palmyra High School as a parent was truly interesting. .it became more interesting when my son became a senior. .i t hen found out how uninterested staff was on whether or not African-American students attended was like pulling teeth to get the guidance department to point me in the right direction. Being a single mother without a college education myself the process of enrolling in college was stressful, scary, and expensive. With no help from the Palmyra High this made applying for college even more stressful. I can proudly day after a lot of crying and praying my son is now enrolled at Delaware State University, although college is a hardship for me it is well worth the sweat and tears.
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