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Palmyra-Macedon Central School District Reviews

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Excellent facility and good administration and faculty. Seem well focused on preparing students both for college and for trade school futures. Excellent communication with parents about events, student progress and safety.
Their music program is one of the best in the state! My days in the Select Choir were some of my best memories and I got the most amazing experience.
I have made amazing friends here. Our new mascot is what keeps the kids going. We have amazing technology opportunities and are constantly remodeling our playgrounds and classrooms to help the students preform at their very best. The teachers are all nice and prepare you for college! I wish our bathrooms would change because they are gross and some stalls are missing doors. Also, turf fields would be nice for sectional winning teams or at least new facilities.
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Love the teachers. they were amazing! All my teachers really prepared me for college. Thank you Miss.Davis for teaching me so many usefull skill. My favorite class was choir. I loved singing and I loved that my school,s music program was so strong. The school enviornment was for the most part very friendly.
I loved the relationships I was able to create with my teachers here at Pal-Mac, though I wish there was an increase in diversity as well as a more open-minded culture.
Many new teachers that are fresh out of college but teachers are on tenure are great. There is no diversity throughout the school. Although, the school offers college courses that they believe will get you ahead.
Overall, my experience at Palmyra Macedon High School was good. I liked how they offered many different classes and clubs/after school activities. The teachers were very helpful no matter what subject it was.
Most teachers were very helpful. I would like to see better lunches because when I attended they were average at best. At some points it felt to me as though the school had too many rules and regulations for what you are allowed to do in correlation with the high school anyway. It doesn't necessarily prepare students for the college atmosphere.
I believe that Palmyra-Macedon Central School District is an average school district because it is an environment that has lots of cliques, even though that is the typical environment of a school. I didn’t feel as welcomed as I would liked and I feel that if the school was more tolerant to others then the atmosphere would be a whole lot more filled with positivity.
I survived! They don't make things unnecessarily difficult. While it was hard to have a different bus route every year the small school population and hands on teachers made it worth. The school's could be better but they could also be way worse so I feel pretty lucky.
Pal-Mac is a great environment to learn and grow as students. The school is a great chance to foster curiosity and for students to challenge themselves.
Palmyra-Macedon school district is a great learning environment, with teachers who will stay connected with students long after graduation. I'm happy to say that many of the teachers I enjoyed working with the most are still in my contacts today.
There are many academic and extra curricular activities that students can participate in. The teachers are very helpful and care about every single one of their students.
I love this school district the teachers and students are so nice. I liked the technology in the schools helping the students to learn. They have a tv in the hallways to put important stuff on them. I want the lunch changed. I would love a salad bar in lunch. And the periods are to long they need to be 45 minutes not 85 minutes like they are.
Palmyra-Macedon's school district is amazing. The school has a IB Learner program and it has helped me develop many skills such as public speaking, being creative, and using my brain and thoughts to develop many ideas. The teachers are overall amazing and make sure you understand the criteria before they continue. I would love to see more IB classes around though, but they just started the program last year so I understand.
I love my experience at Pal-mac. Between the academics, the school spirit, and college readiness, this school fits it all!
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