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Palmyra-Eagle Area School District Reviews

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I like that Palmyra-Eagle has small class sizes and the teachers know my kid's needs. Everyone knows everyone and makes it a unique learning opportunity.
Staff is very helpful and responsive to parents and students. Everyone knows each other. Love the small town atmosphere.
I would say that my experience at PEASD was average. I had the opportunity to be on student council, run varsity cross country, and also worked very hard to achieve a GPA of 3.89. Not only did I make same great memories, I had the opportunity to take AP classes to prepare me for college. I would say that PEASD does not prepare you for college, unless you are fully committed to going to college after high school. Not only did I get the experience of a small town school, it was a pretty great district to make lots of friends in.
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I like how Palmyra Eagle was a small school in a small community so everyone knew each other and there was no clicks everyone was friends with everyone, nobody was left out or felt alone. But I also hated Palmyra Eagle at the same time, there was so many kids that bullied, talked back and sometimes even harassed other students and teachers and when it was gone to the police nobody would do anything about or they said they would but didn't in the end. I'm glad I graduated when I did, because at this point they are thinking about closing the school because lack of income and some of the staff are giving them selves allowances they shouldn't be receiving thankful the state went into our schools business and fixed all those problems in our school I'm just hoping they can fix all their issues before it's too late because it is a nice school and we really do show our pride and how we are proud of it, but it's just got a few strings that need to become attached soon.
I recently moved to the school my junior year. I think that it is a really good school. It is a pretty small school but the staff and the students at the school are all really nice. I have made some great friends here and I think that the teachers really want what is best for their students. I think that the academics offered at the school are also really good and are helping to prepare me for college next year. The teachers at the school are also doing their best to help the seniors with their futures and I feel that I am able to go to any teacher if I have questions about my future.
It's a smaller school so there are actual relationships between Teacher and Students. I'm not just another student they are forced to teach. Changes I would like to see is not having the school shut down after the 2019-20 school year.
The Palmyra-Eagle School District is very nice. We have great staff that connect with our students very well, and really care about our future. Every one at our school is very friendly and all students get along very well.
Palmyra Eagle Area School District has been the true school district that care about the education and the well being of their students. When I transferred to Palmyra High School I was welcomed with open arms and was invited to try and join the school. Such as joining the Art Club, FFA, Newspaper, etc. I was also welcomed to teach the elementary students about my thoughts and actions through FFA and how they have made a great influence on me and my life.
My experience with this high school has been in the middle between negative and positive. The school culture is great even though there is very little diversity in the school. Also the teacher's aren't very helpful a lot of times and neither is school administration because they can make very bad decisions sometimes. Some of the positives are the fact that we have mostly great sports teams and the fact that there is a lot of activities and clubs to participate in. I would recommend this school as long as parents do their research on it.
During my time in high school at Palmyra Eagle High School I have really enjoyed being apart of it and the small town atmosphere. It is a very friendly place to be and is a very enjoyable place to be.
Palmyra-Eagle is a small town school. Everyone knows everyone. The teachers are always willing to help you in any way they can. Many students are also friends with many teachers especially since some of them are also coaches for sports. The students seem respectful and they respect others. No one seems to really put anyone down and they all support each other. Since we are a smaller school we don't always have the money and resources for somethings but that doesn't stop the school from trying their hardest to make us succeed in the future. This school really does want to see us go far in life. Since we are such a small school we don't have the best sports. We don't win everything but the students try their hardest to represent PE the best they can.
I like how this school is a small school, the teachers and students all get along very well together and you never feel like you are falling behind in classes because it is easy to ask all your teachers and ask questions because the classes are fairly small. It is like a little community, everyone knows everyone and you never feel alone or out of place. For being such a small school, they offer many different class options for the students to get the most out of their education to help them in the future. This school tends their students needs to the best of their ability and even though it is small, doesn't mean it isn't a good school.
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