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Palmyra includes students from Palmyra, Campbelltown & some of Annville. Most of the teachers are nice, some are very different which makes it interesting. I have one teacher in high school who teaches yoga & will sometimes incorporate yoga practice into class. In elementary school everyone took swimming lessons as part of the school day, they’d bus us to the high school pool.
Palmyra High School is a great high school which focuses on all aspects of education; from academics, to sports, to clubs, to extra curicular activities. There is something available for every one to participate in if they choose to do so. Administration as well as teachers, care about the students and there success. I have had a wonderful and memorable experience over the last for years. I will carry these memories with me throughtout my life!
Great School. I don't feel there are any changes needed. I'm very pleased with the school district. I was given a lot of opportunity and I'm very grateful for that.
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My experience at Palmyra Area School District has helped me become the hardworking young adult I am today. I've built so many amazing, lifelong relationships with both students and staff, all while being provided an environment perfect for learning and growing to my full potential.
Palmyra-Eagle provided me with so much one-on-one help from educators who truly cared. Being a small school there is a lack of some opportunities but it is made up for my the excellent staff! I am proud to have gone to school here and can not imagine going anywhere else. The school is currently going through financial issues and it would break my heart to see it close.
I've been in Palmyra SD my whole life. All of the schools and teachers have been great. Teachers are very supportive and the schools are clean. I feel that I am very prepared for college.
Better and more clear engagement with students. Using the newly implemented schoology to its fullest potential.
I enjoyed my time at Palmyra School District. Many teachers I encountered over the years were very helpful, educated, and caring about their students. Our school atmosphere was also very safe. The only change I’d like to see is helping students explore other college options. Not everyone wants to attend a 4 year university and there are many technical schools and trades out there that support a successful future. These options should be not be hidden.
The area is very close-knit and everybody knows everything about everyone else. The high school has allowed me to participate in many differnt sports and activities at once. I have been able to pad my transcript with activities because of this. Something that is bad is more that many students here do not care and therefore they disregard their education and state testing. The area’s test scores are very low because of this and the school isn’t bad in that way at all. It is very awful how the students choose to get “lit” in the bathrooms as well because they are big on being “cool”. The overall school is very nice, just small. It’s a lot better than many people think.
Recent administration at the high school has been phenomenal. They have incorporated more dual enrollment classes and are giving every student a MacBook Air to enhance their learning. They have top notch state test scores and beat almost every school in the area. The teachers are very welcoming and so are most of the students. You learn so much and make many fun memories in your time there.
Palmyra Area School District is a very good school, they really care about the students and their education. They are more safe than the other schools in the area and have little to no bullying reports. Everyone that attends and works at the school is known to be very responsible and hard working people. They are a very hands on school and will make sure your student gets the very best education they can get and will be ready for higher education.
Various classes are available, meaning you will not get bored and feel like there is not a class for you. There are many sports and clubs to join so you can always get involved.
Palmyra Area School District is a wonderful school district. The teachers are great, the administrators are great, everyone is genuinely great at Palmyra.
The school spirit is probably the absolute worst part of the school district. Nobody participated in Pep Rallies without being forced to and the turn out to events is a joke. We’ve had to cancel mini-then because of the low participation. Also, the help for special needs students is barely helpful. All they do is learn the same material every single year (spelling and telling time) and clean the hallways while being yelled at. Besides this, our school district is just your average public high school.
Palmyra provides challenging courses for a public school and prepares students for the future. The schools have great teachers and strive to get kids interested in school and what they are learning.
All the teachers at the school are very hands on and helpful. Teachers are always available before and after school to help students who need extra help. You are always thoroughly taught in the subjects you are studying. Opportunities for transferring to The technical school are available during junior and senior year that allow for more hands on learning for those students who already have career interests or are interested in learning in a different setting.
The teachers have the goal of making sure you're learning while having fun doing so if at all possible. You have freedoms to better yourself in the best ways through AP courses, CTC, or sign outs. The environment was always friendly as the administration puts students' health and safety above all else.
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Palmyra was a good way for me to prepare for college before graduating. The advanced courses such as AP classes do a pretty good job of preparing students for college courses, and I believe that many of these courses are actually more challenging that introductory courses in college. The selection of these classes is great, but I believe that it's harder to find the classes you want if you are not interested in taking science courses.
I loved the enthusiasm of the teachers. One could tell that they were not there for a paycheck; they truly cared.
My children have been challenged at their own respective levels. Whether a highly academic student at the high school level to an elementary child with special needs, PASD has met our needs.
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