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I loved all of the teachers at Palmerton High School. I have many memories with most of them. Palmerton is a very tiny school, and it is easy to meet friends, and the teachers are very welcoming. Although I would love to see some better technology. I think that the students deserve to be able to use better computers. I'm not really complaining though, as long as they work is all that matters.
Palmerton Area School District is overall a good school to go to. The clubs and sports are very involved with the every day student life. Almost every student is in at least one club or one sport. We offer awards and scholarships to those who excel in sports and academics. It is a small town school, so everybody knows everybody. There are some teachers who teach at the high school during the day and then teach at colleges some nights. Since we have that, the students are more prepared for college because our teachers tell us and prepare us for what it is really like.
Come to this high school as a new student... you are looked upon as an “outsider”! The administration is horrible.. kids think they are better than you, teachers could care less! Grading system is awful... complaining makes it worse. If you are even considering moving to this “wonderful town” run..... run the other way! I feel like I live with aliens! Like the Wickerman! Like Nicholas Cage, once I was told I wasn’t welcomed, I should have left... but I didn’t and now I’m stuck in this horrible small minded town! ( I bet they don’t even know what the Wickerman is!) they were born on this rock, grow up on this rock, and die on this rock!
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The teachers are very willing to help even with out having the resources that other schools have. School appearance could use some work but the best is made out of the situation.
The teachers at palmerton are excellent, the curriculum is at a good pace. Some of the rules that palmerton has are not unforced which I believe that they should be.
Palmerton is a small school district in a very close-knit community. Heavy parent and community involvement allows many of the extracurricular activities to take place and thrive. The administration/ top of the educational chain have difficulty with internal politics/ cannot function cohesively to provide a consistent environment for the kids. Limited resources along the lines of technology, guidance resources/communication, and general communication to parents- especially as your children get older. Teachers are supportive and helpful if you have a concern, but in general there is limited communication. Diversity is almost nonexistent, the general culture of the schools is supportive but only when necessary. Classes offered at the high school are adequate, there are more choices offered at larger schools.
I absolutely hated my years in the Palmerton Area School District. The overall environment of the school was so negative and the people that I used to talk to were so full of themselves (even though I didn't realize this at the time).
My experience at Palmerton Area High School over the past four years has been very enjoyable. They offer a ton of clubs and sports to get involved in. The teachers do a great job at getting to know you as a person and your strengths in the classroom. The guidance department does not do a good job of guiding you, they do not being to talk about college until the end of your junior year, and scholarships at the end of your senior year.
I have enjoyed my time at Palmerton. The Guidance depart has helped me so much applying to schools, helping me with interviews for college football coaches and they have help me set up visits with coaches. The faculty are all so kind. They just made a brand new turf football field. They are always improving the school. The only change I would make is for them to make the parking lots bigger so we can hold bigger school athletic events.
During my years in Palmerton Area High School, the place was wonderful. In junior high things were a bit rough and then we went through a change of administration and things were made even better with Mrs. Husar. She was incredibly kind, thoughtful, and professional. She took the aspects that we had from the previous principal and changed things around, she was always dressed in a suit & open-minded. All of the teachers are friendly and remember students after they leave. They all do their best and want to see you succeed. And it's not just the teachers and the office, the staff all around embrace the Palmerton Blue Bomber Pride!
My name is Madison Russo and i am a senior at palmerton area high school. My overall experience at this high school was subpar. The teachers are okay but not the best at actually teaching. Their attitudes towards students are great but when it comes to making sure their students understand a lesson, its not that great. But i got through all four years and succeeded so obviously this school is doing something right.
It’s a very close and connected community and it a really shows within my school and our school pride. The teachers are so helpful and classes aren’t large so there is always time for one on one! I would like to see more renovations made. It is a small school with not a great amount of money but I’m hoping some teachers can finally get their own classrooms and the student parking lot improves.
Teachers are all amazing and down to earth. There are tons of activities throughout the school year that are a blast and there's always school spirit.
The teachers are very willing to go the extra mile to see kids succeed. Everyone makes the best of the technology and resources that are available.
Palmerton Area High School puts you through an amazing education experience. I would like to give most credit to our new principal Mrs. Hussar for bringing back the school and towns school spirit. It's small enough of a school to know all staff(including janitors) and students to feel safe and aren't afraid to be themselves and participate. The only thing I would love to see change is to update the technology to give the students the best opportunities.
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