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Shortage on teachers, low variety of classes. due to middle school closing 6-12 graders are in the school, there inst enough room for everyone. Athletics aren't the greatest, some teachers seem like they don't want to teach anything.
I do like all the different courses that we offer. We do have all of the AP/honor classes...but there will always be downsides. The safety is a concern(Code Black, Code Green), and the diversity is off.
I loved my experience at Palmer Public Schools. The teachers were all very kind, and intelligent in there own special ways. My favorite teacher, Olga Lopez, ended up moving back to Puerto Rico with her family last year, which was a huge downfall for the school. She was the most heartfelt, devoted teacher in the school. She always was determined to accomplish making everyone happy even if the task wasn't in her favor. Olga Lopez was most favorite by many kids, and was said to be the heart of the school. When she had to leave to go back to her family in Puerto Rico many students were astonished by the fact that they wouldn't see their favorite, cheery teacher anymore. As heart broken as the kids were they pushed to make her proud. The one thing I would change is the schools way of organizing, and planning events and such. Palmer Public Schools is not very good at organizing ideas. Which Olga Lopez was great at, organizing proms, fundraisers, different projects, and events.
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Very average school, but a lot of people in the town work together to make it a better place to go to school. A few interesting classes that you wouldn't think would be offered at such a small school are available.
The teachers are great! They make learning fun and interesting. They are always there to help. The sports programs are fun and competitive. The coaches are awesome. They help you build your skills and give you everything your team needs to win.
This district has a lot of potential, but due to a smaller and smaller student body (and consequently a decreasing budget), the district has trouble with infrastructure, making sustainable changes, etc. The teachers are excellent and truly care about their students. I think it may be smart to regionalize with small nearby districts.
I have had many great experiences with the teachers . I have 5 children in the school system. My 7 year old son is Autistic and he has great teachers and other staff that are always there for him and making accommodations to help him in his daily routine.
Most teachers are great with students but the students need to improve their respect for other students.
The school and staff is amazing, but the only problem i have with it is the very old equipment like the desks, most of the weight lifting equipment, the lockers, the computers and half of the art supplies
Small classes and availability of teachers after the school day. Many after school activities are available excluding sports. Parents are encouraged to take a part in all academic activities.
Very engaging school. Like a family! Everyone knows each other and really cares that each student succeeds.
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