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Palm Springs Unified School District Reviews

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I sincerely enjoy being a part of the Palm Springs Unified School District. Although resources are scarce, the administration and faculty make their best efforts. I would appreciate more parental and student activities to allow students to become more involved with their communities.
I feel like recently teachers in this district have begun to really listen to students and complaints that they have towards school activities and events. They have done this through adding activities and improving some that already exist creating a better experience for students and parents.
The thing that I like about the Palm Springs District is the faculty is always there if a student needs anything. The School Spirit at my school has improved a lot. In addition, the academics prepares students for college. The one thing that the school district can improve on is the food options.
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What I like most about the Palms Springs Unified School district is, that they offer so many opportunities to students. For example, in my middle school years, my school offered the program A.V.I.D. This program motivates and prepares students for college while also offering college campus field trips. I was told that my school was the only one in the valley to have this program and it was because the school district decided for the school to offer it. The whole point of this story, is that if the district didn’t choose to have that program In my school, I wouldn’t be as motivated to go to college as I am now. Currently, I am in high school, and PSUSD keeps doing the best for us students, by allowing our school to offer various classes, some which are not offered in other schools. In addition, the program A.V.I.D is still being offered and I am now about to be in my 6th year In this program!
The schools included in the Palm Spring Unified School District are all great with access to items student would need such as computers and books. In my experience though the district does lack in keeping teachers. Teachers during the middle of the year would come and go causing instability towards the students' academic progress. It also lacks in bringing up important issues such as harassment, and when a case is presented it is slid under the carpet.
From the receptionist that is always so welcoming and friendly and ready to help in any way, to the teachers and specially the psicologist that is very knowledgeable and understanding. Campus always clean and beautiful with plenty of green places, I felt secure at all times, there is always a police car parked in front of the school. Teachers are dedicated and passionate, specially Mr Martinez who is always so happy and available to help in any possible way.
I like the teachers that teach. Also, I like how when you need help the teachers are there to help and give you resources if you need. I feel that school lunch there should be improved.
I like the fact that their sports are very competitive. It´s a great experience and you would love it if you go to one of their high schools in the coachella valley.
It was a great experience, but I would've liked to see more college readiness courses for the more advanced students.
With only one semester in this school district I have been more than satisfied with the various career readiness opportunities offered as well as the friendly, supporting staff that creates a healthy learning environment
Personally, I would like to see more teachers who genuinely care about a students learning instead of grades.
They truly listen to what their students need. If anyone has concerns weather you are a student or a parent you can always find get help. Plus they really try to be very supportive of the students and what they want and need.
They support the students education through giving each student a chromebook and free lunch. However, they have restricted many academic websites for the student's technological resources.
I like the teacher involvement and dedication to their students, they will go out their way to help a student succeed. Their parent attendance is average but not out lack of their part, Palm Springs Unified School district makes information open and easy to acquire. Although the attendance rate of parents are low it is because of the parent la-sire far attitude for theirs sons or daughters education rather than the schools inability to provide information. The schools AP class do well to prepare for college but those who don't take AP class's are at a disadvantage
Middle school was a crazy experience full of fights. It is something I do not want to experience all over again. In high school, picking classes and actually getting the classes was a difficult process. I had to wait in line two days before I could get the hole in my schedule filled with a class I did not even plan to take. The classes I took felt like it emulated what a college course is supposed to feel so the teachers did a good job teaching their classes. Only a few of my classes taught useful real world skills. Overall, the school district is mediocre. I felt that the school could have improved on how often they talk to parents since most are unaware of school events or they might speak another language other than just Spanish or English. The food is neither good or bad. It could have improved by having more diverse food choices to choose from.
PSUSD is a very well organized district and do as much possible to give opportunities to all the students of the valley.
The district is ok, only problems is the times when school starts. It stresses my parents out whenever we need to get up and leave at a certain time so that everyone to be at school on time. I feel like for the middles schools shouod at least start at 8 am like how the high school is. Another problem is the chromebooks, they're in the way for students who don't need it. Most of the high school students don't need it yet, they enforce it on us to use and bring to school. I feel that those who don't need it, they shouldn't have to have one.
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The programs in the district are great especially the academies at Cathedral City high school such as DATA and HEAL.
I enjoyed seeing new faces and being able to help people and teachers to the best of my ability. I also enjoied some of the teachers.
I attended Palm Springs Unified School district for my entire education thus far, from kindergarten to 12th grade. I can undoubtedly say that it is an amazing school district. Diversity is a very prominent factor and education is always put first like it should. I would definitely recommend this school district to any families who are thinking about it.
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