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Palm Beach County school district is a great school program. Teacher's do an excellent job at educating the students when extra assistance is need they jump to assist. The school district has after school tutorials, extra credit work is give to help students. Palm Beach County School have a programs called PTA which allows parents to be hands on for school activities and also be involved in your child's education. They send various emails, newsletters, online access and calls to keep parents in the loop. Most if not all Palm Beach County School have after school activities to keep kids out of trouble and still involved with a school base program. They are excellent.
I like how they care for the students education. Things they can change is more safety at school and the time we get out of school.
The high school is so over crowded and the teachers and Aries wants are not well informed about what is abailable for scholarships and aid for college .
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The Schol District of Palm Beach County is an are where all children can learn equally and achieve optimum status in education and in life. Personally, as a student of this County, achievement through the several opportunities provided such as dual enrollment, the IB program, and STEM and unlimited, being able to pass through school with understanding and ease.
It’s a great district but it can improve a lot, it has potential. The way teachers should improve. Like care more about the education of there kids but there are some that are great and help you when need it. Also the security of schools doesn’t make me feel so safe.
The opportunities provided as compared to the opportunities I experienced in private schools. No matter what type of experience you are looking for, my high school seemed to have something to offer and others who were interested. I felt luck to have that.
I like the diversity I saw in all the students as well as the teachers. But the one thing I would change is for all the schools to have more security and for them to not be as populated.
The Palm Beach School District is amazing because it gives students many opportunities for colleges, give students choices of taking classes and having school activities. It’s very concerned with the safety of their students with its laws that it has in place.
I am personally in part of one of the schools. I have been experiencing for almost 2 years now. I can tell that they are good. Since I came from Haiti, everything changed and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be in an high school. I learned, studied and I can't tell that it's very great.
My experience at John I Leonard hi how school was average. High school spirt is very poor at the moment because the way pep rally’s are scheduled. Sports could be better if students put more effort in their practice. Teachers are great 👍 well the aice and honors teacher are. Some regular general teaching teachers are not so great. The food is always nasty the only thing I ate at this school cafeteria was the yogurt parfait. John I Leonard is very diverse. Safety at John I Leonard is okay some areas need to be adjusted more and some staff members need to supervise properly and actually do their job correct.
Good choice programs but not enough spots for the amount of students that want to attend. In some areas the high schools are crowded and the diversity is not equal. Parent involvement depends on where you stay which makes it hard to get people to volunteer for student activities. Food is okay the high school level.
Like that PBC maintains Choice schools, like the one I went to, A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. The school is very challenging, ranked in top schools in Florida, and the curriculum is very rigorous. Although an Arts school, the curriculum overall and in particular, Science and Math, is very rigorous. The district offered ample opportunities to take Virtual School and Dual Enrollment programs, allowing me to explore further areas of interest, as well as add to my GPA and my college level courses completed.
The opportunities for artistic and personal growth were encouraged and supported, and the college preparatory process was very helpful. The only negative is that the county underfunds the school and after the Parkland shooting, much needed program funds were diverted into security. Would have preferred that the district request another penny tax increase on taxpayers, which would have generated millions with no pain. Enjoyed my time in the Palm Beach County School District!
I was very satisfied with my school district, as Palm Beach County School District allowed for me to progress in my academic career. I was always accommodated for classes that interested me the most, especially in AICE, Advanced Placement (AP), and Dual Enrollment classes. The diversity within the school system was great, considering we live in South Florida and there is a melting pot of cultures here. The sports aren’t the best. They could use a little help. Perhaps we are not in a very athletically inclined area; however, the academia is great. There have always been many learning pathways to personalize for each student, along with lots of college readiness materials and preparations.
I liked that Palm beach county offers a variety of schools with a variety of programs all arounf the district. This allowed for every student to have an opprotunity to improve themselves and pursue their interests. Many of the student in Palm Beach County go on to to pursue the elective tracts they are able to expierence through the programs made available and the excellent teachers who provide them with knowledge.
I have been in the palm beach county school district from since 7th grade which is 5 years ago. My experience was very unique since it was my first time going to school in the United States. It was a new and unknown territory and i didn't know what to expect. The teachers and administration was very helpful and helped me properly get assimilated, but with everything there can be improvement. I believe that the administration excluding teachers have a difficulty with communicating with the student body and the rest of the school. As a student at times we feel that our voices are so small and we are not taken seriously, unless we have a parent present with us. I think it is very important to have a good relationship with the students and that when students are happy the overall performance and operation of the school will be better.
I've been to 3 schools in the Palm Beach County School District and they've all been pretty good. I've gone to Highland Elementary, Lake Worth Middle School, and Forest Hill High School. I'd recommend not going to Lake Worth Middle School but if you do go just stay out of drama and you'll be fine.
Most of the teachers really do care for your future, the diversity is good to have. I would like for the food and staff to be improved more
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It’s well comping and very much understanding with students and parents. Nice country councils and energy there is amazing. When it’s comes to the students education there always a foot forward. Never backing down and treating the students equally
My school experience has always been safe and friendly. I always felt like i had someone to trust within any school i attended in palm beach county. I always see police officers on campus ensuring that I am safe.
I’ve been in the palm beach school district for all my life and not once have they failed to exceed my expectations.
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