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this district gave me so many problems through my kindergarten-eighth grade year. nothing is moderated and almost everyone was participating in drugs or alchohol, both students and teachers.
Administration has a lot of improvement to make. They repeatedly cut student resources (i.e. one librarian is shared across the three elementary schools, as are music, arts, and other “specials” teachers; teachers and aides retire and are not replaced.) Talk of closing an elementary school has occurred almost annually due to “declining enrollment,” yet efforts to attract enrollees and families to local townships are not highly visible. On the plus side, the vast majority of teachers are absolutely outstanding.
Palisades school district is made up of 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. It is a fairly rural community and small population. The upside is that the student to teacher ration is small and the teachers and administrators get to know many of the students. For the most part, the teachers and administrators get to know the students fairly well. This school district is always looking to improve academics and the physical facility. The Tech school is a great option for many students.
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I love the generosity in our community and the passion in the faculty and staff to see students succeed and have a prosperous future.
When I went to this school it was awesome. A lot of the teacher that were there my mother and her siblings had so I had a lot of old school teacher that were just wonderful. When my younger brother and nieces went is when I think the district went down hill. The teachers didn't engage the kids & just seemed to stop caring.
I like that the class sizes are smaller. I know the majority of the students. Palisades is a small and close knit community.
I enjoyed the clubs and activities they had to offer. If i could change one thing, though it'd be the guidance counselors. They were very unhelpful in trying to get my transcripts to colleges and helping with my class schedule.
Overall, the teachers are very helpful when it comes to needing extra help or assisting with student concerns; the academics are splendid, and Palisades offers several AP and Dual Enrollment courses to help prepare students for college. However, the school could certainly improve some of its buildings; there has been a leak in the high school ceiling for the past two years. Also, several rooms throughout the high school do not have air conditioning, making it difficult for students to learn comfortably; although, the school feels and is very safe, and the faculty takes all the necessary safety precautions and then some. Thus, overall, Palisades is a wonderful school district to be apart of.
I enjoyed the staff at Palisades. They make the difference. The guidance counselors were always helpful and available to me whenever I needed. I never had to feel that I was alone in that school, because there was always a trusted adult to reach out to. Palisades also has one of the best curriculum of any nearby school, so students were able to get exposed to many different subjects before college.
I was in the school district since 2nd grade. I was treated like the new kid until I lived there for 5 yeah. The teachers were great, the advisors have too many students for the two of them and need improvement, and the bullying policy is a joke. However, there were a decent amount of school activities for the size of the school and sports were taken seriously, besides the fact that the athletic director and some of the coaches followed a series of toxic leadership. Fire coach Newsome.
I came from a very small school where everyone knew me by name. I felt that I was able to get a great education and had every resourse I needed.
Teachers are wonderful! I am highly satisfied with the communication between students, parents, and faculty.
The Palisades school district is a small and comfortable community in a rural town. The school itself houses caring and talented teachers, most of which seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs and working with children. The school is very safe considering the environment and surrounding area, and we often practice safety drills such as the ALICE procedure. The school has a wide range of opportunities for every interest, including the technical school for those interested in cabinet making, cooking, welding, and many other hands-on careers. There are also a wide range of college and AP classes available, including duel enrollment with Bucks County Community College and surrounding colleges with the Scholar's Program. There are also a wide range of clubs and activities, such as Key Club, Environmental club, Palisades Youth Group, ski club, and more. Overall, this is a great school with ample academic and extra-curricular activities.
It definitely had some ups and downs. Being involved was really amazing because the coaches/teachers would work with you if you wanted to be in different activities and that's not always the case at other schools, especially larger ones. However, the diversity is very, very, low and it seems like the students have a singular, negative mindset to diversity. There is no diversity of students or beliefs. There are a lot of AP classes offered which is great, and most of the teachers are generally good.
I honestly like the small school, and the spirit the school had. Sports and academics were treated equally and you were always welcome.
Palisades is a nice school in a rural area. The staff are all very nice and good people, some teachers go above beyond and are simply amazing teachers and role models. Academics are strong as well as there athletics. They have awesome resources but its up to the students to take advantage of them. Overall Palisades is a wonderful school filled with plenty of opportunities.
Palisades is a hidden gem. It is in midst of a small farm oriented town with ties to suburban areas. The teachers are heavily invested in students life and really make you feel like they're there to get you where you want to go. The student body is as friendly and accepting as any high school and one is sure to make new friends quickly. All in all great atmosphere.
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Palisades has good academics and a lot of good teachers who care about their students as well. Being a small school, there isn't that many clubs available and the school also does not have some major sprots such as volelyball and lacrosse. The facilties are old and run down and could use some updating. Overal it is a good public school that prepares its students for college.
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