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Palestine Independent School District Reviews

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I loved going to PISD, I got to be involved in clubs I was passionate about, classes were always taught by the best teachers who are constantly helping their student in and out of class. The number of afterschool clubs, career classes, and college course available was more than extraordinary.
I graduated back in 2015 but going to that district really help me with life. Everyone, there is so kind and actually, care about you being successful.
Palestine independent high school has many different opportunities for different career pathways to help you in your future
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Palestine Independent School district is a great schooling system for students to get the ground foundation on what they would like to do and we’re known for our career tech education classes for all of that. Palestine has friendly teachers that are more than willing to help with everyday homework and assignment and with tutorials in general.
My experience at Palestine High School was amazing if it wasn’t for Palestine High School I wouldn’t be where I want to be on this day . It’s so many things that you can be involved in such as sports and different clubs . I love the fact that we have a CTE building which basically helps you form and shape your career path . Thanks to Palestine High School nursing class i’m a CNA . Not many students in can say their a CNA or a cosmetologist, a welder , etc , but at our school they can . They also give you the opportunity to get ready for college by taking not only your TSI testing but , also your SAT and/ or your ACT . We also have a new thing called CAT connection this give you the chance to eat lunch then to go catch up or get help on your school work I think this is an amazing decision they made . One thing I wish would change about the school is free dress code other than that one thing Palestine is one amazing school .
PISD is a pretty good district, I've been going to school here since the third grade. When I first came here I had a hard time in math, and I could barely read but they helped me get on track. Overall they have really good academic support so if you need help with something there is always someone there to help you.
What I enjoyed about the Palestine school district is the diversity in students. The district is making changes in each school for students to be able to learn with technology, a skill that will be vital in the future. They are helping students understand that technology isn't just for social media, the great thing about technology is that it helps you communicate with the entire world of you desire. If I could change anything, it would be the food. School lunches meet the standards but students don't enjoy them. Meals sometimes look grey and look unapetizing.
I love how the school gives students the chance to graduate with so many college hours. If I could change anything, I would make the lunch periods longer, 30 minutes isn't always enough time.
Great programs. CTE classes, dual credit paid for college courses, great campus, and good learning enviroment.
Palestine high school is mostly a sports oriented school. The academics are mediocre, though they do seem to be improving somewhat. A lot of attention is put on sports, especially football. While academics and other extracurricular activities seem to be left in the shadows such as art club, tennis, robotics club, Spanish club, etc. While many of these organizations regularly make it to state and even National events, football games are a much bigger ordeal to the majority of PHS and it's affiliates. This ultimately undermines teachers and the students that work incredibly hard in areas other than the field.
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