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The people high up don't listen to the students, parents or teachers most of the time when making decisions. Recently they cut a program that helps students prepare for college because of insufficient funds but then they spend half a million dollars on 3 SRO's that aren't needed.
The teachers are all supportive and are always trying to help students with there work. They will stay after school hojeaba to help you with homework or class work that you didn’t finish. The food they gave did not taste that good.
As a senior student of the Pajaro Valley United School District I will say a majority of the smaller schools lack funding and money to have excellent academics, well paid teachers, and for a wider of foods. Besides that I’ve experienced lots of charisma from students and drive to make clubs and activities better.
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A pretty average experience with PVUSD. Not the best with handling diversity and has some funding priority issues, but overall, it has been fine. The teachers are generally very thoughtful and care about the student with the usual exceptions at each school.
I had good elementary teachers, but in middle school, we didn't learn much. I always felt like I was waiting for the rest of the class to understand simple concepts. Also, the cafeteria food was terrible and very unhealthy.
I enjoyed my experience learning in the PVUSD. I felt supported by my teachers and peers. I encourage all teachers to become more compassionate of their students.
This district is amazing the schools have a lot of resources that help you exceed in your education. They offer a lot of good benefits for low incoming families. They manage everything well, it's just amazing
Pajaro is a good school district. They care about their students and strive to help us succeed. They go out of their way to help us succeed in everything we do.
I love my school and the wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities they provide. I also like that they make it possible to join multiple sports without overlapping seasons.
My experience is that there is a major disadvantage in the district. large classroom sizes, not enough teachers, insufficient resources, no mental health help, etc. Lack of facilities, teachers receiving insufficient pay.
I really liked the environment and the AP teachers were really good. There were no cliques and bullying was not common. Some of the flaws are that some of the classrooms were rundown, some teachers did not really care, and the bathrooms were disgusting. Some of the flaws are due to the lack of funds, so I understand. Overall, the school did a great job of preparing me for college.
I worked for the District for over 7 years! It was a great school but the district is lacking funding. I love the students and all the employees!
What I like about PVHS is that it’s a small community where everyone gets involved in school spirit and other events. What I’d like to change, however is the respect some students give to the professors because it shows that no discipline has been thought.
I was enrolled at schools in the PVUSD from k-12 and overall had a good experience. Would be nice if the district had a little more money for supplies and trips. I personally missed science camp in 5th grade and no real 8th grade trip.
What I liked about this District was their involvement with their schools. It made going to these schools a lot more easy and enjoyable than most schools
I like this school because it has a very nice campus and excellent teachers. The school is nice especially the teachers because they stay after school and teach you the things you don’t get or are trying to learn I would recommend this school to parents that are thinking where to send their kids for high school .
I believe that PVUSD needs a lot of change. Unfortunately, there are a lot of schools . The lunches are soggy and unappetizing, and they have let go one of our most loved teachers, which has been a big blow. I wish this district saw th teachers as more than just a number.
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Pajaro Valley Unified School District is rich in culture and diversity. Pajaro Valley High School and Watsonville High School both offer a course Coastal Ecology also called WATCH. WATCH stands for Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitats. This is an honors course, which is offered to high school students starting in their sophomore year. This course helps prepare high school students for college; it is rigorous work and students conduct a 6 week research project at Elkhorn Slough. Moreover, Pajaro Valley District is quite open minded to the needs and complaints of students, faculty and staff, and parents. However, they do not address them rapidly.
In my years of being in this school, I have been observing the different escalation and gradients of this school district. In every school I have been in, which have been quite a few, I have noticed the different kinds of teachers and district workers. In some of these schools, there are definitely some teachers that really need to change their behavior towards students, because sometimes theyre a little rude. However there are amazing teachers in this district as well.
My experience in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District has shown me that there is a a lot of unity among everyone. I attended Starlight Elementary, Cesar Chavez Middle School, and currently Pajaro Valley Highschool. I have done good all my years; since elementary, PVUSD teaches their students to have grit, wit, perseverance, and many other encouraging terms. PVUSD highly encourages their students to do good, specifically because it is mostly a Hispanic population. They want to see more people from our district succeed, and it has been shown because there are currently people from our district at Ivy League schools. Overall, PVUSD is a great district because it encourages students while also giving them many opportunities to succeed.
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