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Paintsville High School is a wonderful place to learn and grow as a student! I am so thankful for the way the staff has prepared me for my college education, and further more how they have supported me in my journey to find the right college for me. The inclusiveness of a small school cannot be matched. I believe if you asked anyone who has been involved with the Paintsville School System they would feel the same!
My overall experience with Paintsville Independent Schools, is great. There are good and bad things about my schools, but whose schools doesn't have good and bad qualities. If I could change anything about my school, it would be the amount of school spirit we have. The momentum is there but no one wants to go all out and support our academic and athletic programs and that is what I would like to see change.
I have loved my 6 year experience at Paintsville High School. I believe that the teachers and faculty are very involved with every student and never let anyone go unheard. The classes are challenging, which causes every student to be better prepared for life after high school. The change I would like to see is to have more electives and classes offered for upcoming student's interests.
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I moved to Paintsville Independent my junior year of high school. It has been an amazing and beneficial change. I am a student-athlete and the experience and people are top notch.
Pretty small class size but overall the course load is more developed than the public school. However it does not contain many extra curricular activities due to its size.
My experience at Paintsville High School has been wonderful. I have loved all of my teachers, I love my friends I have made there, and most importantly I love who it has shaped me into being. If you are entering high school next year, and you live in this area; you really need to consider it.
I love my school. It has provided me with many opportunities to grow and learn. It has pushed me to become successful and always work hard. The teachers are always there to help you with whatever you need. I believe I am ready for the real world, thanks to Paintsville High School. I Have always felt safe and have always had an abundant amount of opportunities to expand my understanding and knowledge. Everyone is willing to help me with anything I need.
Paintsville is a great independent school with a small student count but a high college acceptance rate paintsville high school would be a great fit for anybody
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