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Paint Valley Local School District Reviews

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It's a very tight community, where I felt constant support. The class sizes are small so you get to know each other and the staff really well. They offer you to do post secondary which is really nice to get some college out of the way.
Paint Valley is a small school in the country I would like to see more hands on programs and opportunities for our Bearcats. Many of the students aren't from Agricultural backgrounds and I feel that children need to know where their food comes from.
I loved my friends and how nice my teachers were. I didn't really agree with the way the principal tried to run things, not very well done. The school has a very good Cadet Corps that helps with the community a lot and the schools theatre while underappreciated is very rewarding for those students that do participate in its activities.
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I loved that it was a small school. The teachers and staff were great. I felt like we had a low bullying rate.
Paint valley made my last two years of high school great! The students are very accepting. The staff is very welcoming.
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