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Paint Rock Independent School District Reviews

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It is a small school district and it is like one big family. Some good days and some bad day, but even on the bad days you know your family has your back.
This is a pretty small school that is very family-oriented. You will get to know the teachers, students, and faculty pretty well. Also, since it is a smaller size, there is more room to excel at anything that you do.
Paint Rock is a very small campus full of great students, teachers and staff. I attended Paint Rock for 6 years and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. my class was always very small when we graduated we had 12 kids walk the stage. Like every school I had issues but i met some of the most amazing people that I will keep with me for life and I am truly grateful.
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Paint Rock ISD is a wonderful small transfer school with great students. The only problem with it is that there aren't a whole lot of extracurricular, other than sports, but otherwise it's a nice alternative to the schools in your hometown if that school isn't working out.
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