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Painesville City Local School District Reviews

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Amazing school! I found that the teachers were very proficient and genuinely cared about the students well being. The district also provides an array of clubs and groups which allow the students to feel accepted and belong to something. In terms of education, the teachers make it fun and interesting to learn and allow a positive atmosphere for students to engage and feel accepted. I would definitely recommend this school to everyone. Unlike many of the neighboring schools in Lake County, the PCLS school district is very diverse which allows for a better understanding of culture and a more safe environment.
I went to Painesville City Local schools from elementary to graduating at the high school . I will just say that the teachers are amazing. Administration is horrible, Especially at the high school .
This district is very diverse and tries it’s hardest to be fair. The schools have parents involved in their kids grades and attendance.
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As a student of Painesville City schools since kindergarten, I can truly say I've had a great experience. I have been surrounded by staff, students and coaches that all represent what it means to be a Red Raider.
Most of my teachers we're amazing and very helpful. However, a lot of the students are rude ,and don't wish to learn. For the students that do wish to learn they take care of them and help them.
I have gone to Painesville city local schools my entire life. As a child in elementary school I was fascinated with learning and going to school everyday without a problem, the teachers were always nice and try their best to help with what seemed to be difficult for us then. Middle school years come quick and that's when most teenagers are changing and going through phases, overall I believe the schools do their best to help and comfort us through those years, especially preparing us for highschool. Next thing you know you're in highschool with a different mindset, Harvey high school has taught me so much about respect, obedience, and self honor. Theirs things I do wish I could change, such and student involvement, our student council has no power, our students have no say in changes of events or problems.
For me I've had an okay time at Harvey. The students can be a bit unruly most of the time, but the teachers that are there truly do their best. If you need help they will help you, so long as you take it upon yourself to do so.
The staff and students are very nice. Majority of the staff are dedicated helping students learn and grow. Most of the students are intelligent and driven. Since some of the students come from poverty, I feel as though they are more driven to succeed so that they can make it out of the area where they came from. A lot of my fellow classmates and myself work, go to school and play a sport. A lot of us plan on, and have been accepted to, college and not just small schools in the area. Overall I had a great experience at Harvey and in the Painesville City School District. I will be glad to say I am a Harvey High School when I graduate in May.
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