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My overall experience at Page High School has been a huge learning experience of not only academics but me as an individual. During my time at Page High School I have had teachers that really influenced me and helped me become significantly more involved in my community and school activities, But the teacher that I certainly won't forget is Maggie McCorkle. My Geology teacher Ms. McCorkle was really out-going and cared for her students, wanting them to pass and succeed. Just getting to know her more over the course of a year, i noticed she didn't let what others thought stop her from doing what she wanted to do. She made learning incredibly fun and kept me and my fellow classmates involved and looking forward to going to her class. McCorkle got to know her students, and really understood us. You could say that some of her outingness rubbed off on me. I learned that high school is better when you get involved instead of watching others have fun.
This is a good friendly school with good sports team in every sport but the academics isn’t great because the school struggles with keeping and hiring teachers.
The school wasn't really that bad when I'd compare it to my old school in Sacramento. It had way more facilities and opportunities for students to use for educational purposes.
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I believe this school has potential. Being a title 1 school, kids who struggle by the poverty line are obviously the largest concern. However, higher level kids are often left bored while the curriculum is dropped down to reach the lower level kids. However, such educational diversity offers the gifted kids an unorthodox opportunity and grow and learn by helping those around them. A different learning environment, but still beneficial results.
I went through the whole district, starting in first grade through graduating high school. A lot of other students have done the same. This is one of the biggest benefits of Page Unified School District: growing up with so many students created a wonderful community. One of the biggest problems they have is keeping teachers and their disciplinary program. It's easy to pass if you try, but it's not very challenging; self-motivation was a big part of my high school experience. My advice is to designate a few good teachers to some good honors programs and have the rest focus on the failing students.
The Page Unified School district has some very amazing schools to attend, especially considering the fact that they needed a considerable amount of new teachers this academic school year. My overall experience was great, elementary was great, middle school was great and high school was okay. I liked that the teach erst were very caring for their students, and actually helped them and pushed them to succeed. Somrthing that could definitely be improved would be the discipline in the high school, the students are pretty much allowed to do what they want and don't really get in trouble for their actions. They are adults now and need to own up to their actions or consequences should happen. Another thing to be improved would be the cafeteria food, it doesn't meet the nutritional requirements, and if they were to improve their food then they might be able to make more money off the students and there wouldn't be a constant fear of another car accident and life lost during the lunch period.
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