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Pacific Grove Unified School District Reviews

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I came into the district in the seventh grade. Ever since then I have learned a lot about this community. When I first entered the district, everyone was very welcoming and made me feel that I belonged and wasn´t just the ¨new kid.¨ The teachers are all very helpful and very intelligent. You feel comfortable with them. Not only are the teachers very nice, but so are all of the hardworking staff members. The facilities are very nice but will need some remodeling done in the next few years. I play soccer for the high school and the coaches are mostly all very nice and well experienced in the sports. Overall the district is pretty good.
Good small school, diverse and accepting. The district offers plenty of activities for everyone, and the community is very tight-knit. It is also very easy to bond with other students from various schools, and this creates very big friendships. The school spirit is strong.
I am so happy that I got to experience a school like this. They have thought me so much in the last four years and although the course work is hard at times. The teachers are amazing at what they do!
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Pacific Grove Unified School District is a very nice school. It is kept clean, and the facilities are modern and well kept. The students are very welcoming and open to change. Teachers at PGUSD want students to succeed, and work hard with students individually to help them achieve their goals. I would change only minor things regarding communication, but even that is being improved every day.
The Pacific Grove School District provides many opportunities for students to excel socially and academically. From a social standpoint, the schools in the Pacific Grove district offer many diverse clubs and activities for students to pursue interests. Additionally, the district provides honors and advance placement courses that I believe have helped myself and other students challenge us to work hard. In my opinion, the district does not need to change.
The district has good teachers and does have some good classes. However, the spanish classes and teachers aren't the best. My class barely learned any spanish in the classes.
Pacific Grove High School prepared me for college. I joined the swimming team there. There are many resources at Pacific Grove High School. In addition to numerous teachers. Many classes are offered there so students have the option to choose. I graduated from PGHS and will go to college.
Pacifica High School has had it's ups and downs over the course of my [almost] four years attending. There have been accidents here and there but the experiences overall outweigh the issues that I had come across. The teachers work to help students to the best of thier abilities, the staff assist the best they can and the programs offered at Pacifica are very accessible to students. I have never come across bullying or any of the sort of my four years and I see the campus to be safe for students attending. Pacifica High School has been a very enjoyable education environment for me so far and I see it being a place were I would take my future children (if I choose to have any).
I only went to PGHS for two years, but the two years I did attend I loved every single teacher I had! The class sizes were fairly small so you weren't just another face in the crowd. The teachers were always available after hours incase you ever needed them. Not much school spirit compared to the first high school I attended. Curriculum challenged me enough to allow me to succeed as well.
Pacific Grove High School is great. The teachers know what they're doing, as well as the administration. The faculty really cares about the student. It's a small school, thus everyone knows almost everyone and it is a tight knit community.
Garden grove school district will always have a special place in my heart. When I was 5 years old, I entered the district only speaking Spanish. The district helped me by sending interpreters for my parents and a teacher to help me learn English. Now, I am 16 years old and in English and Spanish honors. Thanks to the garden grove school district, I am successful.
I liked how all the teachers are open to tutoring students either during lunch, before or after school. I like the sports teams and how everything is well planned out with team scheduling and practices. The things I wished to see differently is that some teachers need to teach a little better and not be so selective and play favoritism to certain students.
There are excellent teachers and administration. Students usually have accesses to the materials and technology they need to complete assignments. Good sports teams for the upper level schools and good school spirit.
Pacific Grove has an incredible public school system. I never went through the system myself, but my younger brother did and had a great experience. All of his classes were challenging and informative and his teachers were both well-liked and competent. The one issue I had was that they didn't do much about diversity or awareness of certain issues related to it. My little brother is transgender and got some rough and misunderstanding treatment, both by students and occasionally by the school (though the treatment by the school was more lack of sensitivity to trans issues than anything).
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