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If you're a student who really wants to learn in a hardcore way, this school is not for you. The teachers are not outstanding when it comes to teaching. The class works are not hard because basically, most teachers replace videos or documentaries as part of the lesson plan instead of teaching. I don't know why some teachers could get away with it: playing documentaries as a way of teaching. They're being paid to do the actual job of discussing the lessons. Other teachers just teach you the basic points of the lesson and doesn't go through it in depth. This school doesn't offer a lot of courses that are enough to prep you for college. Well maybe it's because the school is so small but it should not mean that it gets in the way of offering more courses.
If you are looking for a school that will prepare you for college, Ozark is the place to be. Although there isn't much diversity, the students make you feel welcomed.
Ozark was a very odd school. I was weird and thus this gave rise to some dumb bullies, but that is more on the students than the staff. Ozark has a lot of nice things about it, and those things are growing every year. New Auditorium, Large district, updated look; It seems to be getting better each time you look.
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I believe that Ozark School District is a great place to attend school. There are many extracurricular activities available, many club options, and a significant amount of AP or dual credit courses open for Juniors and Seniors to take. Of course, like any school, there is something that could be better, but it is very minimal within the Ozark School District. In conclusion, I would send my children here, and I would recommend it to a friend.
We have some amazing teachers in the Ozark School District. One thing I would change would be that we have harder classes that prepare us for college.
For a small school Ozark High School is not bad. All students in grades 10-12 are supplied Chromebooks for homework which is very nice. A downside is the bullying and dress code policies are terrible.
How they took care of bullying and would not have anything to do with it. Teachers in Ozark would do anything to help you. They keep their school activities up and going along with there sports. They take care of our school and make sure we have everything we need. I wouldn't change anything.
I love the ozark school district. The town is small, but comfortable and friendly. The is a low crime rate. It also has great job availability. The schools offer many extracurricular activities for studebt to take part in and enjoy. They have many sports that give students powerful school spirit. They also have ab excellent marching band and choir that the whole town supports. I would like to see more effort put into academic appreciation.
Over the last few years the school has grown. New building have been build, more places for kids and parking. Ozark is a great place for kids to go to school. It has been the school I have went to this school for most of my life. I like the school. The town gets together for football games. Ozark School District is a great school that has great classes.
All through school, I have been stretched, encouraged, and loved by the multitude of great educators who make Ozark feel like home. If you're willing to put in the hard work necessary to succeed, you will find students and staff ready to help you push past your limits and work with you to help achieve your academic dreams! The counselors and principals/other administrators are also very friendly and helpful and have been a present part of my development as a person and a student.
The Ozark School district has made me who I am today. It has been such an honor growing up and having the opportunity to attend such a safe and great district. I like how the teachers not only meet their needs to teach us, but they also make sure we are all treated equally. One thing I would like to see change about the Ozark school district is to see less more clique's.
Very small town, cliquish environment. School has issues with bullying from administration down, teacher to parent communication is poor, sports programs are mediocre with poor leadership and coaching. It's great if your family has roots and grew up in the town, but if you are moving in they are unwelcoming. Poor assistance for children who struggle with learning or have learning issues. Little to no tutoring or programs.
I loved how our school was involved and we were all one big happy family. If someone needed anything, we knew there would always be someone to help no matter what. Only bad thing was teachers don't care about the academics nor the students. They are only concerned on getting paid.
The learning experience was great. The teachers are very good at their job and they are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that no student gets left behind. My only issue is the atmosphere with the other students, but that is expected in high school.
Great for small town learning, but could use improvement. The teachers need to be more focused on teaching the children than showing them how to take standardized tests.
I love Ozark. It's a great school with great teachers. I just think the school should have more opportunities to pursue in like a better art and drama program. I also think the textbooks are outdated. They do give personal chrome books in the high school but I wish they would spread it further into the jr high and middle school.
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