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Ozark R-VI School District Reviews

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Our children have been to Nixa and Ozark school districts. Though the Nixa school district provides a better education, Ozark schools is our #1 choice for our children. Ozark has less bullying and a mix of high/low income families making peer pressure on clothing/cars less important than the higher income Nixa students.
An overall positive learning environment, however, academics and test scores are valued over the well being of students.
Ozark R-VI School District is an amazing community full of incredible teachers. I have only had great experiences with my teachers all the way from kindergarten through senior year. Ozark is a beautiful and safe learning environment with a wide variety of classes suited for many career paths.
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Great teachers, great administration. Everybody here wants to see the students succeed. The extracurricular activities are top notch, especially the band program, and academic excellence is pushed, with programs like IB and AP.
The Ozark school district should be given an overall good rating. They provide a great education, good teachers and various services to their community. To further improve their school, they could offer self defense classes, stronger academic programs and more diversity in their courses to help students strive and reach their full potential.
A lot of chilled out educators. Staff in general is really nice, I would say. A good portion of them are very passionate about making sure their students succeed.
Ozark School District is an amazing opportunity for you to excel in your learning and academics. You have the opportunity to experience many amazing things at Ozark schools, through sports, clubs, events, and the staff.
I have recently just graduated from there. The reason I gave it so high, is because my last year I had one teacher who really did teach the class and not just pass stuff out without telling us. The rest of the teachers I had did not prepare us for anything. Did not give us much homework, did not give us very hard or challenging objectives in school, and I feel like they did not prepare us well at all for college. No one there cares. All they care about is just trying to get you to graduate with little to no effort at all.
It’s a cool environment. The teaching and curriculum could be a lot better, however most of the teachers do care and show they care.
Great high school. The teachers actually cared about you, and your grades. The facility was always clean and the other students were great.
The district is very safe and has lots of opportunities for education (IB program, extracurriculars, dual enrollment programs with OTC, etc.). Overall, teachers are kind and helpful.
I graduated from Ozark high school in 2015. Overall, I had a great experience throughout my 13 years of education. I was prepared for college and still enjoy going back to the school. I now work as an employee for the school district.
Ozark has been a fantastic place to go to grow up. I have felt loved by every teacher and administrator there. They care about you and want the best for you. I have had so many opportunities there, too many to count. I have been involved in many activities and have enjoyed almost all of them. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am glad I never went anywhere else for school.
Ozark school district is a really great place to grow and learn as well as advance in the education aspect. Extra curriculars are top of the line and wind up going to state competitions often. The band is very good and takes amazing once in a lifetime trips with students. Great programs. Amazing teachers. Awesome district.
The school is clean and up to date, but a few teachers seem like they don't like their job. People are nice and the equipment is of good quality. Also, the place is good at teaching about college. I like the school spirit, and the food isn't as bad as it could be.
The staff is very friendly and helpful. The school's attention to extracurricular's is great, there is a class for everyone's interests.
I have attend school at the Ozark R-VI School District for my entire academic career. I have enjoyed my years there, being a tiger. The faculty is friendly and generally, genuinely care about the students. However, there is a huge lack in student autonomy. Most of what is learned the students do not care about, do not get to determine what or how they learn, is typically only memorized to pass, and does not change the way in which they think.
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The teachers are very helpful. They take time out of their days to make sure that every student gets the help they need.
One thing I really like about Ozark is that they always put their kids first. Their main priority is making sure that the kids are safe and in a good learning environment. I have gone to Ozark for 4 years and I have always felt safe and taken care of no matter what.
Overall, my experience at Ozark High School has been a great one. The FFA department has furthered my interest in becoming a veterinarian. I have had an opportunity to compete on multiple teams.

This school has multiple opportunities with academics advancement through classes at an area community college and their IB program.
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