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Oyster River Cooperative School District Reviews

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Prepares you a lot for college. It has a very competitive vibe, but i think that makes everyone strive to be better students.
It is a great school and wonderful atmosphere for the kids. They really show how much they care for their students. Their sports dept is great as well
High workload, slow classes. Teachers are hit or miss, the administration does very little to intervene when necessary. Students will, however, come out with a good education.
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Oyster River prepares you extremely well for college and allows you to pick classes that set you up on a specific path. The amount of classes offered provide opportunity for everyone, however there could be more flexibility in creating schedules freshman and sophomore year. The teachers are great, sometimes the course load is overbearing but overall helps to prepare you for college. If you do not want to be enrolled in classes of academic rigor, there are other paths available to you. I think that the staff does a good job of creating specialized tracks for each student depending on their strengths and what they think they want to pursue after high school, even if that is not attending a 4 year college. My experience has overall been positive. It has had its challenges academically but looking back I think it has only bettered me as I pursue a 4 year degree at a University.
It prepared me for going on to University very well and offered many AP courses as well. The athletics were always competitive as well. If I could change something I would have the Highschool do more hands-on learning instead of textbooks and classroom.
I like the academic integrity the teachers and students have, and the resources to set you up to succeed. I think it could be improved by providing more technical classes in order to obtain vocational training and real world application.
Overall the school is a good high school. I think the guidance counselors could be more knowledgeable.
I've loved (almost) all of my teachers starting freshman year up until now as a senior. I've had so many opportunities to push myself and grow as a person, as well as be myself.
I have been in the Oyster River Cooperative School District since kindergarten. This coming spring I will have attended 12 years of schooling within the district. I cannot say how grateful I am for everything the school has done for me. If your debating attending the ORCSD school system, go for it! In recent years however the school has adopted a whole new schedule and are still trying to work out the kinks in the system. I have faith in our community that all will be worked out in the coming years.
Oyster River is a great high school. They treat students with respect and like young adults, not children. I had opportunities to compete in National competitions and my teachers and advisors are all very supportive. The culture at ORHS is friendly and relaxed but students are serious about their school work.
I have been a student in the Oyster River Cooperative School District for the past nine years. I have formed many lifelong relationships, learned valuable lessons, and achieved several personal academic goals. Because of the education I have received here, I am prepared for the next six years of my life in pharmacy school at the University of Pittsburgh.
Oyster River highschool is a great place to send your kid. It is a nice friendly environment that focuses on academics.
teachers are really nice and kids are too. The playground is huge, and the kids love the big space in the school. It is awesome and friendly.
As a senior who has attended Oyster River High School for all four years, all I can say is that it was ordinary. Good academics, good teachers, etc. One thing I believe could be improved upon the schedule. As of right now, our school is trying to find the perfect schedule best for the students. So far, the schedules put in place have not met the needs of our student body and the teachers. We have discussed diversity many times and acceptance of all people and that is good. However, our school is extremely poor when it comes to diversity. Being in New Hampshire, it makes some sense seeing as our state is approximately 98% white. This is reflected in our school, as we have very little diversity, the majority of students being white. Overall though, our school's education is very good despite the fact that we are public. We have a extremely low dropout rate (last time I check I believe it was close to zero except for one student). All in all it is not bad, good school, good people, ect.
Great Environment, Great teachers, and I received the help I needed to make goals for my future. As I progressed through the years I was able to find out what I want to do with my life, and the steps I have to take to reach my goals.
I have been fortunate enough to experience what it’s like to go to school in another country. Do to this, I’ve realized the advantages that come from my experiences in the Oyster River School system. This school has remarkable academics and provides intimate learning experiences for all students, something that is very rare to come by in a public school. As a senior, I’m taking two classes at a local university (University of New Hampshire) through ORHS. This is an opportunity that is rare to come by and one that I am very grateful for. I’m very thankful to be able to attend such a quality school that is preparing me so well for my future, this is why I’ve given a four star rating.
I really enjoy my kids growing up in the Oyster River schools. They have many advantages as the UNH campus's is in the same town. The kids get to learn from actual kids who have been through the tough times in school and how to succeed I just wish we could have a football team for my son to play on in high school
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My time in the Oyster River Cooperative School District was formative. There was a strong sense of community among the students, teachers, and staff that created a good learning environment.
I love Oyster River! We've had a few bomb scares, but the administration reacted in helpful ways that kept the students and faculty safe. I was scared, but I felt like I was in good, capable hands. I wish some of the facilities, especially relating to music and theater, were up to date and had more room. The school puts much more emphasis on flashy sports (soccer, mostly) when other sports are equally important (like swimming won 4 D2 states in a row). But also it's more sport focused than art oriented. That being said, there is a really strong art program and the music (especially orchestra) has grown and will continue to do so. The academics are great! The school is constantly creating classed tailored to the students!
Over the past 12 years, the Oyster River school district has been the perfect environment for me to grow from a young child to a young adult. The teachers, administrators, and students have created a supportive, unique, and flexible environment that works to make all feel welcome and gives all a chance to succeed.
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