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Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District Reviews

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Oyster Bay is an extremely small school district with great academics and faculty. However, Oyster Bay is not a very diverse community with a lot of close-minded individuals. Oyster Bay places an emphasis on the importance of the arts department as well as science. Faculty is very helpful and they help their students succeed in anyway they can offer a hand. Oyster Bay is a great school, although semi-flawed.
Oyster Bay is a small school with wonderful teachers and a caring atmosphere. There are numerous activities from mock trial to interact club. There are many sports teams and opportunities to join for most students. If you have a desire to succeed, Oyster Bay High School gives you every chance to accomplish your goals from the variety of courses to the advanced placement courses.
Oyster Bay is a very good school. Most teachers here are very helpful especially hen it comes to extra help and time after school. These teachers actually want to see their student succeed. Some of the administration aren't very helpful.
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Close knit community with very good parent involvement but lacks the academic competitiveness as other top school districts or Blue Ribbon schools in Nassau County. The School Board and Adminstration staff should strive hard each and every year to make this happen for this school district.
Amazing teachers, they care about their students. There are many extracurricular activities to participate in, including sports which we excelled at. Overall, a great environment.
I like that it is a small district and I know all the kids in my grade. I would like to have better facilities though. Our school is so old and not all the rooms have AC. It gets really hot in the spring.
Oyster Bay High School has many diverse programs. Whether it's academics, foreign language, sports or performing arts. There is something for everyone. They keep all of the students engaged and active. They have a great support system with excellent teachers and counseling services.
What I like about this school is that it is small and intimate. The school allows us to be who we are and encourage creativity, and diversity. The teachers always push us to be the best we can be. Some thing that can change is the amount of activites offered to us. There should be more options readily available.
Oyster Bay offers a small, yet diverse community. Students and families come from all different backgrounds, yet come together in terms of generating academic excellence. Members of this district illustrate a heart-warming and selfless character each and every day, constantly revealing sympathy and kindness to all.
The Oyster Bay-East Norwich School District is a very well- rounded school district. It offers many advanced educational opportunities for all students.
I would like to see more course offerings. There needs to be more advanced courses offered for students interested in other areas of study besides math and science.
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