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In the school district I would like to see Change is the way the schools funded. I am in condor high school and they are telling the students that we have no money for anything
I would be thrilled to see a modernization in the infrastructure of many of the schools in the district. As well as a more in depth evaluation of staff and faculty around the district.
Like any schools, they have some kind and caring teachers, but they are the minority. Upper-level management and students do not have the best relations.
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In my 3 going on 4 years of being enrolled in the Oxnard Union High School District, I have observed many things, and overall I have a very high rating of the district. I see the new and improved changes since my freshman year such as our district paying for our AP tests and as well our SAT for seniors for the second time.
At Oxnard Union High School district I had an average high school experience because I did get everything I needed to get done. Although, some staff are rude and they are not teen-friendly. I feel as if we could have had better people to be surrounded by but we for sure learned what we were supposed to.
My overall experience has been acceptable. The teachers take their students in with open arms and help them to be the best person or student they can be. The English department has tremendously helped me with my writing skills and assisted me in passing the AP English and Composition test. Also, the non-native foreign language department has some of the best teachers on campus. Mrs. Sanchez was successful in passing all of her students on the AP Spanish Language test. However, the teaching skills in the science department needs improvement in communication. Due to a lack of communication, the majority of my class did not know that there was a cumulative final and could not find their first-semester notebook. This jeopardized my A- in the class. Although this occurred during my freshman year, new teachers have come in and I am optimistic for the future of Oxnard High School's science department.
My school is one of the best. We have awesome teachers and a nice environment. The teacher care and technology are fast.
I was so scared of going to school in America since I'm from an Asian country. However, my teachers in Pacifica High School made my high school life tolerable. I'm always so stressed out with my academics in my old school, but my teachers told me that it was okay to slow down. Best academic experience and best teachers.
Oxnard is filled with many positive people and positive vibes. The staff wants the best for all the students.
What I liked about the school was that I met a lot of people throughout the four years. What I wanna see change is more senior activities and cleaner bathrooms. Especially new mirrors.
I liked all of the interactions the school tried to plan with our ASB. The only thing I wished they would have improved this year for seniors would be the non-existent senior activities.
All the school are pretty close together in a way where we connect and pretty much relate to each other. I would like to see the schools come together more to create an impact in something they strongly believe in.
i Liked that some of the teachers are very caring and helpful but the others are just mean and really don’t care about what they are teaching . Some school rules are dumb and just the administrators sometimes can be unfair.
This school district has provided me with enough material in order to go to college but they could do better.
I like the community and the fact that all teachers constantly try to listen to their students and make them feel comfortable and secure. I would, however, like to see more leadership roles assigned to students in the sense that many students work the bare minimum and don't give their full effort. This can be changed with finding activities that involve all students to have a sort of role in a class and not just sit and listen to a teacher present for an hour each day.
Went to Rio Mesa High School and graduated. Most teachers are awesome and want to see you succeed, if you really care about your education, you WILL succeed.
I really like the focus on academics. I feel well prepared for college, based on the work that I see my sister doing in college. I think the coursework is challenging, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. I do not think the IB program is well implemented and the amount of work given can seem unreasonable. If you are taking all IB classes, it would be impossible to have a 4.0 while having a job or being heavily involved in something. Along with that, I think some programs are funded more than others. For example, my school does not have a theater, while many other schools in the district have very intricate auditoriums. My school does not plan to build a theater anytime soon, and instead are willing to spend the money on replacing the turf of the football field (although it is not in need of desperate repair).
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This was a great school and people were really nice but the faculty were often unorganized. Our ASB works hard to make fun spirit days and make everyone feel included but many students chose not to participate. There was a hierarchy of sports and football always had the nicest things (bus, field, weight room, etc) so many other sports teams didn't get recognized. Overall, it has been a fun school to attend and people are very nice and supportive. Most of the teachers have a passion for teaching but a select few don't seem to know what they are talking about. Some teachers love what they teach but don't have the patience to explain it to students who don't understand so some students are left teaching it to themselves. For example, many teachers in our math department are trying to teach common core but many students are not learning well from common core. Rather than take the time to reteach subjects, teachers move on and students are left behind.
My experience at Oxnard Union High School District has been awesome.I got to meet the staff and interact with people from different grades.Love the connection we can have.Some things I would like to change is that administration should interact with their students.They always say that they are here for us but in reality they don’t listen to us.
Schools and teachers are very engaged with our academics and succeeding in school. Student life at school is outstanding and very hands-on, our district gives us, students at the high schools, to be able to choose what we want to see at school like activities to dances and it gives overall good vibes at school.
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