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Oxnard School District Reviews

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There is care for each and every one of the schools in this district. They take the the set initiative, and grow into something bigger, caring for the need, and reaching out to their students. Oxnard District is the definition of different and innovative, with the distinctive cultures throughout the schools, we, as a whole, are able to learn more and integrate our traditions and culture. Oxnard District is a learning environment in its whole, students and staff learn everything inside and outside their classrooms: from the basics of academics to the much needed knowledge of acceptance and relation of different cultures and customs.
What I liked about the Oxnard School distract was that the staff and teachers showed that they cared about you academics. The teachers were very on task when it came to having parents involved with your academics as well. Making sure that they were involved in the students studies as well. Something I wish the district would change would be to ready their students physically for high school. For example to have more students join sports, introduce sports to the kids early.
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Oxnard School District is not very diverse. It caters more towards the Hispanic community. Staff at schools are generally friendly. District staff can be helpful but do not always greet people with a smile.
great staff and administration. really great academics that help you get some college readiness. so much to do on campus to get you involved.
I enjoy the teachers who they provide us with. The schools provide a college readiness program called AVID. I feel more then prepared with the help I got in that program.
I liked the way workers at the oxnard district are, they are kind and generous especially since they work with elementaries because i know there are some people that don't like kids because they get annoyed easily and work at other districts but overrall they're all kind and organized
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