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Been there my whole life and this school has treated me right the whole way though. Plus the teachers there they will do anything in their power to help you pass. You will never feel alone because you would make lots of friends.
Oxford was a great school, it gave students the opportunity to be better and do better. With the help of every student getting a Mac laptop and hardworking staff members, I felt pretty prepared coming to college.
Oxford is a great place to go to school. Most teacher care about you and don’t want to see you fail, but push you hard to help you grow. I don’t know the hiring process but I know that there should be more to it than there is now. I would also like to see other sports and extracurricular activities to get more recognization for accomplishments and attention brought to them , not just the football team.
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I loved going to school at Oxford High School. Since we have a new school, it was very nice and roomy. I loved my teachers and our principal! Oxford School district has taught me how to read and write. Now, I am going to graduate this may from this district. I have met a lot of friends throughout the years. This school district is very concerning and supportive of the students' future. We are a family and I feel so close to my classmates.
Oxford School District is considered one of the best in the state, and it really is. The students are often respectful of one another, and most of the teachers (especially those on the AP-track) love and care for their students. The only downside is the culture of the school, there is a heavy emphasis on academics and it can make stressful situations even more stressful.
The academic aspect at Oxford High School is amazing. I have learned so much since being there. There are so many resources, such as our outstanding library, new MacBook, and great teachers.
This high school is one of the best in Mississippi. There are various courses you can take. Teachers are helpful to students.
I like the Power Hour lunch. I would like to complete less school work on computers. I do not like standards based grading.
Oxford overall is good school. Their intentions on getting you ready for college and the real world is good. The teachers honestly do try their best. One thing I think they focus a little to hard on though is the technology. Ever since my freshman year we have had laptops it has it's pros like being able to access everything you need right when you need it but it also has some cons. What if you don't have wifi in your home? It makes it really hard to get some of your school work done.
What I love about Oxford School District is its' massive, incorporated use of technology. All middle and high school students and teachers have their own MacBooks for school purposes. I am fascinated with the district in not only being able to afford 2000+ computers, but also a brand new high school built four years ago. Overall, I would give the district my highest praise and recommendation for anyone looking to attend here.
Most teachers will help you prepare for college and will even teach college classes. The co-principals are very nice and interact with the students very cheerfully on a daily basis.
I love the atmosphere and the motivation they give their students to learn. They do a very good job making their students safety their number one priority. The atmosphere is great and Every Principal Makes their students their Number one priority.
I like that our school and everyone in it gives us the most opportunities to do at the unimaginable. That we can make friends even on our first day. Everyone feels welcome and no one is left out.
I enjoy the diversity in our school more than anything. It is rare for a public school in Mississippi to have such an accepting environment.
Oxford is a great school district. The vast amount of opportunities I have recieved are due to the teachers, staff, and administration. The teachers are invested in helping guide students. There are a few problems. Some of the new policies are causing some weariness in the student body. Overall, I was very blessed to grow up in the Oxford School District.
I've been in the Oxford School District for nine years now and I am very greatly for my time spent here. If I were to still be living where I moved from I would not have gotten near the amount of education and life skills as I have at Oxford. At Oxford they make sure that you are given all of the opportunities to be college ready and they make sure to give you plenty of motivation.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oxford High School. I did notice there was a tendency to favor some students over others as well as different programs such as baseball and football over soccer and track, even though the latter two programs outperform the former two.
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My experience at Oxford High school has been great. During my junior year, our school got a new principal and that is when things really changed for the better. With a new principal, we also got new teachers. These new teachers are personable. They want to get to know you and want to have a relationship with every individual student that they have. The only thing that I would change about my school is that we have the option of using a computer for all of our work. It is a requirement that all students have their computer provided by the school everyday and if we do not have it, then we will receive a zero for our work that day. Not all students strive from learning and doing work on the computers. Besides that, I love my high school.
The Oxford School District is a great school. My school makes sure we are involved in many other activities. My school ranked number one in the state of Mississippi academically. We have amazing fine arts programs. There are sometimes downfalls to the fact that you can be too consumed in school and miss a bit of sleep, but it is indeed worth it. My school gives students the ability to be leaders and stand-out. We can make our own clubs just like when we made Project Hope. Project Hope was made to stump out bullying, even though we do not have a huge bullying problem. Oxford School District is wonderful school district to be apart of.
I like the learning environment and some of the new changes. I just don't agree with how some people go about the changes and the very strictness of the staff. We are in high school, We should be treated like we're in jail.
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