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OSD has very high quality teachers and classes. Education is a top priority. There is also a strong focus on mental health through RISE, as well as other programs for students. The district spends a lot of money on sports and arts programs. For example, they are building a new fine arts building and a new baseball field. One complaint that seems common among both students and teachers is the inconsistent schedules. The school cannot decide on one schedule, and it is experimenting with new ideas every year, sometimes twice a year, making it difficult to plan for future years in school.
I’m So proud of my son and his accomplishments. He’s been in the Oxford School district since pre-k. He has the best teachers and administrators you could ask for to better his educational experience. He has shown growth and curiosity in learning new curriculum every year he’s been enrolled in the district. He is performing well beyond his grade proficiency levels. His teachers are all very driven and have time to focus one on one with him due to the wonderful community we live in. Oxford should be number 1. If you want the best education provided by a public school system then move to Oxford. I’m so proud my son is an Oxford Charger!
Oxford School District is a superior school district! It has great academics and a good school sports program. Oxford is a competitive yet hard-working district. Oxford has provided the student body with many opportunities and experiences that you probably wouldn’t get in a poorer school district. Oxford has a very active PTO who is also responsible for providing us with some of this opportunities
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Oxford offer a wide variety of opportunities such as some of the finest athletic opportunities. The only reason for a nor five star rating is that I have had four head principals in four years.
The new high school is nice. There are a lot of AP classes and good opportunities to get involved in the community.
I've personally had a really good experience in this school district. I've had a lot of really good and supportive teachers. However, I'm not sure if that is the experience that everyone has had at this school. Additionally, the administration can be frustrating at times and are a little out of touch with the needs of the students and teachers.
I have really enjoyed my time as a student within the Oxford School District. I have been pushed and challenged by my teachers and peers to not only perform well in sports and academics, but to exceed expectations to the best of my abilities. I feel that I have learned to become not only a great student but a great person as well. I also feel confident in starting the next chapter of my life to attend college to further my education and that is all thanks to the people who have shaped me into the person I have become. My teachers and administrators inspire me everyday to try my best and never give up.
What I like about my school is how success is as big a factor as education. Sports are a big factor in this school and they give students the opportunity to buy passes for more than half off of normal price to attend games with no charge. Some classes are useless but it still gives you the opportunity to bring up your GPA.
Been there my whole life and this school has treated me right the whole way though. Plus the teachers there they will do anything in their power to help you pass. You will never feel alone because you would make lots of friends.
Oxford was a great school, it gave students the opportunity to be better and do better. With the help of every student getting a Mac laptop and hardworking staff members, I felt pretty prepared coming to college.
Oxford is a great place to go to school. Most teacher care about you and don’t want to see you fail, but push you hard to help you grow. I don’t know the hiring process but I know that there should be more to it than there is now. I would also like to see other sports and extracurricular activities to get more recognization for accomplishments and attention brought to them , not just the football team.
I loved going to school at Oxford High School. Since we have a new school, it was very nice and roomy. I loved my teachers and our principal! Oxford School district has taught me how to read and write. Now, I am going to graduate this may from this district. I have met a lot of friends throughout the years. This school district is very concerning and supportive of the students' future. We are a family and I feel so close to my classmates.
Oxford School District is considered one of the best in the state, and it really is. The students are often respectful of one another, and most of the teachers (especially those on the AP-track) love and care for their students. The only downside is the culture of the school, there is a heavy emphasis on academics and it can make stressful situations even more stressful.
The academic aspect at Oxford High School is amazing. I have learned so much since being there. There are so many resources, such as our outstanding library, new MacBook, and great teachers.
This high school is one of the best in Mississippi. There are various courses you can take. Teachers are helpful to students.
I like the Power Hour lunch. I would like to complete less school work on computers. I do not like standards based grading.
Oxford overall is good school. Their intentions on getting you ready for college and the real world is good. The teachers honestly do try their best. One thing I think they focus a little to hard on though is the technology. Ever since my freshman year we have had laptops it has it's pros like being able to access everything you need right when you need it but it also has some cons. What if you don't have wifi in your home? It makes it really hard to get some of your school work done.
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What I love about Oxford School District is its' massive, incorporated use of technology. All middle and high school students and teachers have their own MacBooks for school purposes. I am fascinated with the district in not only being able to afford 2000+ computers, but also a brand new high school built four years ago. Overall, I would give the district my highest praise and recommendation for anyone looking to attend here.
Most teachers will help you prepare for college and will even teach college classes. The co-principals are very nice and interact with the students very cheerfully on a daily basis.
I love the atmosphere and the motivation they give their students to learn. They do a very good job making their students safety their number one priority. The atmosphere is great and Every Principal Makes their students their Number one priority.
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