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Great school, admin and superiors are power hungry which sometimes stops or slows down the point of school. Sports and socially the schools are very good and everyone gets along. The parents are extremely involved which is both a blessing and a curse.
I'd like to see a change in the administration running the school system, because personally I feel that the changes and things that they have enacted are not as beneficial to the student body as they would anticipate and for the most part do whatever they can to just keep up the pristine reputation of Oxford rather than face issues within the schools.
For a small town school district, it tries to be the best they can with what little they have. The things that are the strongest about it is the dedication the parents of the school district put into to help make things work. I just wish they get better tasting food.
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My experience at OHS was very positive with a few negatives. The community in Oxford is tremendous and he school is very challenging and intense.
Oxford High School is a great school that provides ample opportunities for its students to excel. Though its budget is a limiting factor, its teachers are devoted to their positions and the district is committed to creating a legacy of success.
People are really nice, the students are really nice to each other and there is very little bullying even in the high school. The homework the teachers give is really tedious and pointless though.
I love the tight knit community Oxford has and the friendships I have made in this town! Wonderful teachers for the most part!
There are some fantastic teachers and staff, but there are some tenured teachers who are universally despised for their rude and sometimes outrageous behavior. These teachers need to go.
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