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An International Baccalureate school district with Suzuki strings and a foreign language starting in Kindergarten. Teachers care about students and their families. The district strives to help all students be successful no matter where they are on the continuum.
As a student at oxford, I do Enjoy it but there are many things that need to be changed, the counselors are the biggest problem, they tell convince you that they are there to help but as soon as you need it they turn their backs and say that they have more important stuff to do, never once have I walked out of the office doors feeling better of like they helped.
I loved it because it made me who I am. I went here K-12 and only ever had issues in middle school (but who doesn't). It was a great education in a great community. I got to build lasting relationships with people and prepare for college in a fantastic setting. I'm proud to be an Oxford Alum.
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I loved the environment and vibe at Oxford. There was a big focus on community and support. I made some really amazing friends while there and had some great teachers. However, the science program was shaky at best.
There are a lot of opportunities, like the early college program and virtual academy. I recommend taking advantage of those or your high school career will be rather unfulfilling.
Oxford Community schools is one of the most driven schools when it comes to caring about the importance in art, athletics, academics, and the well being of their students!Their staff cares about all of the students well being, and are very engaged with the students.
Oxford is a wonderful community to live in and the Wildcat pride can be felt in the town. The high school has so much potential, but needs to grow with the times. Many teachers tend to preach political views, choose favorites according to their likeminded beliefs. The school is also divided amongst peer groups instead of accepting all for who they are.
Great school! Really prepared me for college. I made a lot of good friends and developed good relationships with my teachers.
I have been going to Oxford Schools my whole life. They are understaffed, overcrowded and do not teach well. The roof leaks and there are often buckets to catch the drips. The rooms are never at a consistent temperature, so people are often too hot or cold depending where they are. The clocks and bells are off, making it difficult for students to know how much passing time they have. There are too many students in OHS. It is difficult to get to class when most of the halls are so full they are at a standstill. It is near impossible to go to your locker without being late unless they are close to each other. It is hard to carry around school supplies because of the "no bags" rule. Many of the new teachers only have a few years of experience. I’ve had teachers openly admit they don’t know the subject they are teaching. The teachers treat us like children while still expecting us to act like adults. This is frustrating, and makes it difficult to give your best effort in class.
Oxford Schools is a great place to meet new people and have opportunities to try new things. The hundreds of clubs, sports, and other after school activities offer numerous ways to explore. The annual musical is especially fun for those who dream of performing.
Of course, all schools can be improved. Oxford, although fantastic when it comes to extracurriculars, the academics could be improved to help every kid reach their goals.
It is a great school that overall aids every student and pushes every kid to be the best.
My freshmen year I had a rough start, but I found help from my mentor, and by being a risk-taker by asking questions whenever I needed help even if it embarrassed myself. There wide variety of classes you could take then some smaller schools which didn't offer the same classes as oxford did. For some of the rules to be more laid back, meaning there wouldn't be a drastic change.
When I graduated from Oxford a little over five years ago there was a pretty bad drug problem starting up. Since then the drug problem has gotten worse. The teachers do the best they can to enforce rules and what not but at the end of the day they are making sure they look good diplomatically. They have so many ties with other countries they tend to forget the children in their district.
It was a nice school system over all. The teachers and students were sweet and helpful. The classes were fun and challenging enough and they had good variety. I wish that they had better help with special education and that they would not try to fight you on it all the time. but over all it is a good school system.
Oxford schools provides a community of loving, caring individuals who truly care about and look out for the children. Oxford provides various opportunities academically and socially so there truly is something for everyone.
My experience in the Oxford Community Schools was pretty decent. The staff in the community are sincere and dedicated to their roles in every students' lives.
Oxford Community schools is overall an average school district. The sports there are very good, but it is extremely cliquey. They have good academics, but the classes fill up fast making your schedule restricted.
Great school district with a good mix of diversity in every area. Very positive overall learning environment and a memorable experience.
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As a 2016 graduate looking back at oxford, I think they prepared me to the best of their abilities for college and life after high school. At the time Of my junior year, I had an interest in chinese culture and wanted to go to China. Through oxford schools, my dream to become a Chinese exchange student came true. My whole junior year in China, transfered back to OHS and I was also eligible to graduate on time. Oxford also has a great selection of sports and extra curricular opportunities.
Oxford is a good over all school, but there are some things lacking. The administration is very disorganized and ineffective. There are nice teachers, but there are the occasional who don't care about their job.
Oxford is a wonderful community that can definitely be felt. The high school has nice facilities, but didn't give too much attention to my son as he was a new student. Never took the extra step or communication to make sure he was doing well with the transition. The middle school is quite dated and many classrooms with no windows. Oxford could use better relationships between teachers and students. Academically there is a lot of self taught & I don't feel they are prepared with confidence in knowing material versus getting by to just pass the test.
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