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This is an amazing school. I have gone there since kindergarten. One thing I am certain of is I am extremely prepared for college because you get an incredible education there. One thing I wish would change is the school spirit of the school, and actually trying to make school enjoyable for kids.
What I love about Oxford is that a lot of it’s teachers care a great deal about their students and the subject they teach— it’s nice to see that passion in class. One thing that I would like to change is for the administrator to give students more freedom in our choice of classes and school activities.
Oxford is not any better than any other school. The teachers nor the students do not care about the students educations. The school is always being praised for its athletic players but in reality it is was is tearing the school apart. Without football Oxford would be nothing. The football players get away with everything. The school has some teacher who do care and some students who care. Also when other people from the board come and view the school the students are told to act better and they will get a reward from the teachers and/or the principal. The school does have great classes for careers but you are forced to pick a path. Meaning you can not be in two different academies if you can not decide what you want to do. Oxford is made out to be better than everyone else but honestly Oxford has secrets and terrible things that happen that they cover up to appear better. Honestly Oxford is not as good as they make it better to be.
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Great school, plenty of extra curicular activities, amazing teachers, and awesome academics. The only thing that needs to be changed is the funding for the programs and the rule on having to take off your jacket while transitioning from class to class.
Oxford City Schools is a great district academically. Students are well-prepared for college. However, it seems like the district finds every way to lessen students comfortability. Safety is always a priority, but only at the expense of the students. It feels more like a detention center than a school at times, because of all the unnecessary "precautions." Students have to pay to have their phones in their possession while on school grounds, they cannot wear jackets in school, and if the males do not have a belt on, they are sent to detention.
Oxford City schools just by looking at the academic programs is not an overall terrible school. The staff genuinely cares about the student's education and offer a wide variety of paths to choose from. They offer several college level courses, AP courses, and dual enrollment courses. It is a fantastic way to get ahead in college.
But, the community as a whole at this school is divided and tense. Fights break out quite a lot and bullying is prevalent here. The way the students are treated lack respect as well.
My experience in this school district has not only had an impact on my grades, but also myself as a person. What I like most about my school district is all of the opportunities that they provide for us. It contributes tremendously to building our dream careers. A change I would like to see in my school district is a closer bond between our students and teachers, and less animosity.
I am an Oxford graduate from the class of 2018. I’ve enjoyed my time being a part of this school system. I’ve met some of the best teachers who have became mentors for me for the future. Oxford city schools also provides various possibilities for college readiness with their career technical classes and numerous AP and DE course selections. Their clubs and sports are also very successful and they give recognition to those involved. Every school has its “ups and downs” but Oxford stays up most of the time. If I could give them pointers on anything, it would be for more parent involvement (maybe an open house for parents to see who the students teachers are and how all classes work throughout a school day) also giving more informative announcements.
Great school district. They are very protective of their students and fix any problems. They have great technology from MacBooks that the students can take Home to iPads to help the student research things quickly.
I would not want to go a better school! This school offers so many courses to take based off what you would like to be when you grow up ! Many academies for our after school experience.
I like how nice my teachers are and the environment at Oxford is very good. Many of my teachers had really tried to help me succeed, and I could tell that they really cared about my wellbeing. Everything is clean and the buildings are beautiful. The city council also tries to get involved with the school system and try to see things from the student's perspective. The school board is able to utilize the feedback that they get from students in order to better the school system. There is a lot of technology that students can access in order to improve their learning experience.
When it comes to education and sports, Oxford City Schools is unparalleled. The courses that are offered are very diverse. They range from basic Geometry to AP Calculus. The administration is a little too hard on its students, but they have the best intentions at heart, even if they don't have the best methods.
Oxford is a big school with a lot of classes to choose from. There are classes for every interest. The school helps students decide what they want to do after High School by offering a wide variety of courses to experiment with.
School facilities were the best, some staff members need to take their jobs more seriously is the only negative thing about Oxford High.
I would like to see a big different with the rules, the school is reducing our freedoms, it's so strict in a way if they make rules like that in a state that has knowledge about freedoms they will get rejected by the state and the citizens, I said that based on experience because I have been moving during my pursuing of my education and I learned about freedoms when I was a joniur at East Meadow High School In New York
When I first began attending Oxford it was in the ninth grade. The students were friendly and my teachers were attentive to my needs. My teachers made sure I had an understanding of the assignment before moving to the next. My overall experience at Oxford Middle School and Oxford High School has been great. Since my first day in 9th grade leading to my senior year, I became a better student; with the help of good friends and teachers that cared more about you than just getting their paycheck.
There are tons of opportunities, however as a system there are very pushy. I was constantly stressed out from taking the hardest things I possibly could because that is what they value: high test scores. The teachers do care about you though, they just push you. Don't get me wrong, there are so many opportunities to enjoy it, and many blessings other districts don't have. There are just flaws, as there are in every system.
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I've been going to oxford all my life since Kindergarten. It has a great system for all grades. The schools all go on field trip up to grades 7. Then in high school certain clubs go on fieldtrips.
I liked the atmosphere at Oxford High School. Everyone always had great school spirit, the teachers, the students, and even the parents had it.
I enjoyed all m years at oxford. I've attended oxford city schools since kindergarten . Great experience
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