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Oxford has a lot of good aspects and a few downfalls. One of the great things are the teachers, they care so much. The food is okay, and the education is alright. I mean, every school has their flaws, ya know? They care too much about sports that aren’t ever all that. I can’t complain, surrounding districts can’t do better, haha. Glad I went there. Worth it.
I think the school needs to change how the staff treats their students who are of color or different race. I have seen multiple complaints from other students and find the behavior of the staff/teachers actions towards certain students are horrible and should be taken care of. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and do not deserve any kind of cruel punishments. The staff should also punish white people for something they are doing remotely wrong. Students should also be allowed to show their rights of free speech in however way they want and the school should not punish the students for that. Every child deserves to be heard and deserves the ability to express themselves. Students however, should not feel the need to go too far with that right and put harm upon themselves or others. The staff should respect us as students and should not tell us not to do something because of the color of our skin. We are all people and the staff did not treat a lot of us students as such.
I love my school district, but the disciplinary areas seem to be very lacking. however, everything I personally was involved with are amazing
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Oxford Area High School counts with a expend number of sports as well classes. The teachers in there are excellent at teaching, at being a model and friends.
Just as any school district is, Oxford is not perfect, but it’s staff and administration do their best to make learning a positive experience. Questions/suggestions are not ignored and are always taken into consideration, and appropriate security is present at the schools to make students feel safe. Teachers are considerate and kind to students, always making sure that they know they are there for support. I have gone to Oxford throughout the entirety of my education, and although not all of my teachers were the best, it has been an enjoyable experience for me. This has not stopped since I’ve begun high school. Since we have started to learn from home, teachers have been understanding about technical difficulties and other questions we have, and are a great help to students who need it. I am looking forward to the remainder of my high school career.
Oxford Area high school is overall a great school. There is something for everyone and many different ways to get involved.
I think the school overall is great. I believe that there however a lot of improvements in education that could be looked out. With that being said, everything else is very well done.
If you want your child to receive a good education, DO NOT move into the Oxford School District! Unless you are Caucasian or Latino, they cater to those students. If you are of African American heritage, your child will be outnumbered and treated less than others. They see them as targets. My daughter was bullied to the point glue was poured on her hair and the only thing done was a meeting with the girl and her father. She had zero repercussions and continued to bully her and all I kept getting was we'll talk to her! They do not care! My other daughter whom was struggling in kindergarten, was denied testing for learning disabilities. I wrote letters to the district numerous times requesting she be tested only to never receive a response. It took us moving to a new school District in 5th grade and she was immediately tested and found out she has multiple learning disabilities! Oxford School District is disgusting. Btw, they have zero African American teachers!
Oxford is a great school with hard-working students and teachers. However, many people do complain about administration, mainly due to a lack of funding for certain activities. Sports are average and so are the academics. The school has added many AP classes and clubs during my time at Oxford.
I have attended Oxford Area High School for my whole high school career, and there is a lot to like about it. Most of the teachers are informative and encouraging, often going above and beyond, and most students are very friendly. However, the administration can be disappointingly discouraging when it comes to trying to start new activities and clubs. The academics (ie. number of AP courses) also lag behind most schools in the area, and there does not seem to be a large desire to change this.
I would like them to have more emphasis on music and arts and less on sports because that is not the only thing going on in the district
I like that Oxford continuously tries to improve and inform on issues such as drugs and gun violence despite how serious the kids take it. They’re also very inclusive with other groups like band. However, I do think some teachers could be better and care a little more.
As a student, i can whole-heartedly confirm that all this district does is stress their students over problems they don't even face and completely disregard students' mental health issues. I genuinely feel unsafe coming here daily and always feel waves of anxiety throughout the day.
This school sucks they don’t do anything except to much drama all this district does is stress these students out they barley teach but expect us to do work. Not saying all the teachers, they accuse the students and start crap out of no where for stuff that didn’t even happen. Or close to happening, they don’t ask for point of views and just take it as it is. They take advantage of their power.
Oxford needs to improve safety and parent involvement, I like how close everyone works together at Oxford.
My experience at Oxford Area School Distract is good. As most teens are, school is not my favorite place to be but I feel so lucky to be a able to go to the school I went too. The schools are kept clean, the teachers are good at inspiring, and I feel prepared for college. All of the clubs and sports are so fun to participate in and understanding of you have a busy schedule. I have been able to grow so much as a person because of the opportunities this school has given me. I do sports and take classes that I never thought I would be able to handle. This district is locate in a great area and is always accepting in community. When I went through a hard time, the teachers understood and were able to help me continue my education instead of making things harder. Oxford is not the highest rated school and it is not the best school but they keep working on making it good for the kids. This district is a very good one to go too.
I really enjoyed all the opportunities you can grab at throughout high school, like dual enrollment, TCHS, and allied health. All the staff there is helpful and willing to work with you through any issue you may have!
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What i did like about the school district is the options that are being given to get college credits while still in high school.
This school needs better connection between the students. There are a lot of fights that take place there.
My son will be a sophomore this year in OASD. Since Kindergarten he has had excellent teachers that were nurturing and had high expectations. He has made great friends, especially through the Music programs within the district.
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