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What i did like about the school district is the options that are being given to get college credits while still in high school.
This school needs better connection between the students. There are a lot of fights that take place there.
My son will be a sophomore this year in OASD. Since Kindergarten he has had excellent teachers that were nurturing and had high expectations. He has made great friends, especially through the Music programs within the district.
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This school has prepared me for college both academically and physically. The teachers here were life changing and really helped me throughout my years here.
I had a great four years here. The staff really does prepare you for college in every way they can. I still go to see how my teachers are doing!
This school is great, plenty of sports opportunities in middle school and high school, as well as great teachers and an amazing acedemic program. The teachers are nice and they are all there looking to help you learn. Overall it is an amazing district and has plenty of amazing qualities
Stay away from this school district. My children began there and for 4 years I begged them to test my daughter for learning disabilities and they put it off and off. I then pulled them and enrolled them in cyber school and within a month, my daughter was tested and was found to have numerous learning disabilities, which due to Oxford s neglect, has further put her behind. We then enrolled in Solanco School District and my children went from C's and Dad to being on the honor roll. We unfortunately had to move back to Oxford and my kids have been there for 2 months now, and have gone back to C's and D's and the school is doing nothing! If you want your child to get a good education RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM OXFORD AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT BECAUSE THEY WILL FAIL!!!
The Oxford Area School District is an amazing school district that has great education and has one of the cleanest and biggest high school in the area. The sports are good and our music department is amazing.
Oxford Area School District is a very organized and well rounded school district with many opportunities to gain a strong education in a very diverse and christian community.
I would like to see more academically rigorous courses integrated into the curriculum at Oxford Area High School. Courses of college preparation and application help should be offered. However, the teachers are helpful and willing to engage with students and be understanding of the events taking place in their lives. The staff encourages students to get involved and promotes community throughout the school.
OASD offers a unique educational experience for its students. Students have a large range of options when it comes to selecting career focused courses in the high school. The school offers a large variety of athletic and extracurricular activities.
The teachers are great, they really care about teaching the kids. There’s many classes to choose from, they’ve started adding more classes to expand what is being taught. Which will help a lot of kids looking to major in different things. A lot of the kids are great, but there’s many that aren’t so nice but you get that at every high school. They offer a lot of different clubs aimed towards different groups of people, which can definitely help people feel welcome into the school.
A majority of the teachers truly have the student's best interest at heart and want to see them succeed. The classrooms never have more than 30 students at a time allowing for little distractions. Each class, for the most part, has the supplies needed to succeed. It is a very safe learning environment. However, some of the subjects (especially advanced ones) are taught by under qualified teachers. Also, there are could be more programs to help students prepare for college. The athletics department is average.
I have been going to Oxford Area School District for all of my life, it is a very average district. There are some amazing teachers, but at the same time there are some who can definitely improve. The food is pretty good, academics are good if the teacher teaches well. Diversity is average, we have a mix but it isn't as diverse as I wish it would be. It's very safe. Our school spirit though is honestly horrible, I feel like as a district we don't have a lot of school spirit and if we do it's like one day out of the year. But, our clubs are very good we have a wide range of clubs which is very nice. But overall I would say Oxford is pretty average.
I love the dual enrollment programs that the high school has that has given students to earn college credits and even associate degrees while still enrolled. All of the teachers here are supportive and genuinely want everyone to achieve their best.
I loved the atmosphere and the willingness of the staff to help you succeed in every way, both academically and in general. I felt very involved in my community and have had teachers and advisors that I will remember for the rest of my life. The music program is incredible and was a huge part of my life at Oxford. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience.
The teachers are very nice and willing to work with students to help them. There are a diverse amount of after school activities and sports so people can have a vast amount of experiences to determine what they like and what they are good at.
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I have been going to Oxford Area Schools since I was in first grade. I have met a lot of great people during my education process. Most of the teachers I have had and have now are wonderful. I appreciate the time and effort they put into making us successful and college ready students.
What I would like to see change is how they deal with bullying and threats. Yes in the code of conduct it says they do not deal with Bullying. I however have found this very untrue. I say this because I dealt with bullying from the 4th grade until I graduated. I even had bones broken.
I have gone to Oxford Area School District all of my life. I have made life long friends here. I have had many wonderful teachers who always made me feel comfortable. The students are always able to share their opinions and are encouraged to have a voice in the classroom. The principals and vice principals are all nice and always say Hi and call me by name when they see me in the hallway. I also love that there is a lot of school spirit!!
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