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Lots of kids get bullied there and I would know because I am one of the students there and have personally gotten bullied. There is to much drama about dumb things, yes the teachers are great but take to long talking about there lives instead of letting us do work.
No offence the teachers are very nice.
It is an excellent district that puts the safety and education of its students first. The teachers are focused on educating students in a way that embraces multiple learning types and levels. The rest of the staff are almost always friendly as well and are happy to see the students thriving.
Owosso public schools is a very caring community, excellent teachers and classmates. There is little to no bullying, however slight drama and disrespect.
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The teachers really care about the children and to me that is the most important. They want them to succeed. Excited to see all the changes coming with the recently approved bond proposal.
I liked that Owosso Public Schools was a safe environment with little to no extreme bullying. I believe that they should change how they let seniors know about scholarships, the food, and the teaching styles of some of the teachers.
As a student that has gone here since kindergarten I have watched the district evolve for the worse, this is not the district's fault. There has been a bond purposed multiple years in a row to improve the schools which are quite literally falling apart. The teachers try their hardest but are given inadequate materials in today's evolving world.
I like how the teachers taught and how many activities we did. I made many personal relationships with teachers and that had to be my favorite part! I wish they would take bullying more seriously. There's a lot that goes on that they don't know about.
Owosso allowed me to gain knowledge, understanding of the world, and a better concept of myself. I was allowed to do this because some of the teachers promoted it in me. I was allowed to freely find who I was. These teachers were in many of my classes, such as TOTK (Theory of Though and Knowledge) and all my English teachers. A concern with the school is the gap between honors and non-honors students. This gap makes a huge division from honors students seemly getting sightly better treatment, and non-honors getting a lesser treatment. We need to unite them under the same ideals so everyone can benefit from the great teachers. It has been two years since I have been to Owosso, and hopefully it has improved.
Luckily there are teachers there who do care. They want the best for you and they're willing to help you succeed. People don't understand that teachers are who watches us grow up. Before they know it they are already sending us off into the big world to take on everything. They want to make sure that when they send us out, we'll be ready for anything.
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