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So far my experience in this school has been very good as it has very understanding teachers and students are very involved and respectful.
I have been enrolled in Owensboro Independent Schools my whole academic career. As being a senior now I look back and realized how much Owensboro Independent Schools have shaped me as a person. I cheered for my sophomore and junior year and our cheer team was a big family. We would cry when our football or basketball team lost and felt their hurt. Just by watching all our sports teams throughout middle school and high school you can see their growth as people and how serious the students and coaches take the game. The parent's support is also really great. You can see them at every game and hear them cheering our Red Devils. My favorite about Owensboro Independent Schools is the opportunities you're offered once you reach high school. I have taken full-time college classes at Brescia University my junior year and will be taking college classes at the community college here in town my senior year and graduating with my associate degree.
these schools are the best schools to go to to teach your kids about diversity. There is very little bullying and no cliques.
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I have been a student in the Owensboro Indepentent School systems for essentially my entire time being in school. My main focus of this is Owensboro High School. OHS (Owensboro High School)has provided me with many great opportunities. For example, OHS provided me with the opportunity to start the Early College Acadamy my junior year. The ECA is a program in which the students who qualify are allowed to take their classes full time at a local community college. So, I am getting a lot of college experience as a junior in high school! I am very thankful for all of the opportunities that Owensboro has provided to me, and I look forward for the positive ones to come.
I love this school , the teachers, Staff, Students and everyone that’s surrounded me in Owensboro Public Schools throughout K-12 grade. It’s an all around amazing school and I wouldn’t have wanted to be at any of school.
Owensboro Public Schools are known for its "tradition of excellence." My high school is like one big family. I feel like the staff will stop at nothing to make sure I'm taking advantage of all of my opportunities here in high school.
What I liked about Owensboro High School was the family like atmosphere, everyone was friends with everyone and we all stood up for each other. Another thing was definitely the diversity, compared to the other school in the district OHS was the most diverse school, and had more opportunities to learn and prosper. You never really know or understand how close you were with everyone until you graduate, and people from your class call or text to check up on you to see how you're doing. The best thing is to remember all the good times we've all had together, and of course the bad which is not so fun. OHS students have all been through a lot throughout the years and we've always persevered because were a huge family that may not always gets along, but will be the first ones to defend. Always in my heart, Owensboro High School "once a devil, always a devil."
Owensboro independent schools are full of staff and students who really care about their education and well being. It is a very safe learning environment with great students and great teachers.
I love the Teacher but the other students make it hard to focus. I believe that if they work on this aspect then the school will be one of the best I have been to.
I love the teachers I think they are extremely helpful and just very genuine about every thing. It doesn't see like a fake face they put on just because they have to. I think they all really enjoy their work and their students. The best part of the whole school is for sure the faculty and having good faculty make all the difference in a students life.
My daughter is a Senior at Owensboro High School and we will be sad when she graduates in the Spring. It has been a wonderful 12 years!!
I like how involved the the schools are and dedicated to teaching students to go for the job they want after high school. Owensboro schools give you a chance to take look at the job you wan to do in the future setup your success and know what your going to do with the job you choose.
Great school! Teachers are wonderful. I went to school there from 2001 until 2005. Loved my experience and wish I could rewind the hands of time and go back. Had some great memories and learned some valuable information that helped me well into my adulthood
The arts program is top notch! It has even won a national award. It has won the National Kennedy Center Honor.
Owensboro Public Schools provide a superior education, have a huge arts program including band, drama, music, and art.
The teachers are understanding and kind, we are incredibly diverse, and said diversity is encouraged.
The opportunities provided in this system cannot be matched. The administration truly wants to see your child exceed in whatever it is they want to do. They offer so many different opportunities. Diverse student body. Innovative system. Guidance counselors ready to guid students towards college. Truly positive environment for an education.
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I am now a senior in high school and I transitioned from Apollo high school to Owensboro High School in September of my Junior year. I can honestly say that Owensboro High School is not the " underachiever" school that everyone presumes it to be. The students her are not only diverse, but they are understanding, intelligent, athletic and most of all one of a kind. Owensboro High school has not only given me the opportunity to develop well as a student but also a opportunity to find myself and love myself even more. There isn't any other place that i would've loved to spend my highs school experience at. I am and always will be a Owensboro RED DEVIL!!! #FILD
I have loved my experience at Owensboro Public schools. Owensboro High School is truly a school like no other. We are both diverse and accepting at the same time, no one feels as if they are bullied and everyone supports you in what you do. I would not change my primary school experience for anything in the world.
I attended Owensboro High School, and now my siblings attend there. From what they tell me, they miss the old principal and the former policies. I personally found some of the faculty to pick "favorites", primarily the athletes who participated in the prominent sports (Basketball, Football) and would have double standards when it came to following the rules and subsequent consequences. If you don't participate, you may as well go unnoticed from staff who pick the favorites. Overall, my personal experience other than the above complaint was great.
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