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Owen J. Roberts School District Reviews

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It is a very good school. It has excellent opportunities for students. The school has a very high graduation rate and many social programs for students.
What I liked about ojr is all the different clubs they offer. Going to the football games, dances,fundraisers they have. All the great people I have meet.
My experience at Owen J. Roberts High School is very good. The campus is well-maintained and very large to house hundreds of its students. All the teachers and administration are all very friendly and helpful as well.
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Overall, teachers are well educated and know how to get the kids to interact with the lessons. Administration needs some work, as there could be better events and more school spirit.
Owen J Roberts school district is a place like no other. This is a top tier high school with all around great teachers and students.
I really did like my time at Owen J Roberts. Some of my favorite things about the school are the teachers. Not only are they great at teaching but they always treat their students with respect. I also really enjoy the clubs and activities I was part of like the Musical, Kids for KIds, and Leo club. All the clubs are very organized and the school does a good job at creating a place for everyone. Some things I think the school could work on is funding for the music programs the same way they fund sports. In 2019-2020 the school has been focusing more on the arts but the music program still needs new instruments and updated facilities. Diversity is average, but that reflects the diversity of the area. Over the last few years the schools have brought in more exchange students that have made the culture more diverse and it is amazing, I hope they continue doing that.
I really enjoyed my time at Owen J Roberts. The staff was phenomenal and they always made you feel at home. One of the main reasons I loved OJR was the fact that they always made sure that their music departments were well funded. This was my home away from home.
I transferred into Owen J Roberts in 6th grade and had no idea what to expect. I quickly learned that OWn J. Roberts School District was the perfect fit for me!!! I quickly was accepted by my classmates and made to feel right at home. The friends I made walking into that 6th grade class are still my friends today.

As I progressed through junior high and then ultimately high school I was able to take advantage of the many programs that OJR has to offer. Between interscholastic sports, student government and various learning communities, I found myself to be involved, challenged and constantly looking for more. The teachers, coaches and mentors provided just the right amount of support and challenge while giving me the confidence I needed to continue to strive.
I was enrolled in Owen J. schools through my K-12 years, and I always loved my teachers and was given great support from them and my peers. The levels of academics available at the High School level is especially good with many AP and IB classes available.
Owen J Roberts high school for me was like extension of my family. Mostly everyone knows each other, teachers are friendly and will to help you succeed. I grew a lot in my 4 years there.
Owen J Roberts is a highly regarded Pennsylvania school district located in North Coventry, PA. The small elementary schools are located within rolling farm land and small, historic villages. The middle school and high school are located on the same campus but are two separate buildings. It is known for its high school marching band and sports programs.
I had a great experience at Owen J Roberts. I am currently a Junior in college and although the school didn't prepare me as much as I'd like, it did help me in a number of other areas.
Owen J Roberts is overall a wealthy school with many opportunities no matter what type of student you are. Many resources are available if one is struggling with grades or even mentally struggling. The facilities are top of the line; including a nice track, multiple turf fields, and its very own swimming pool. Besides sporting facilities, the students have a great amount of learning technology and tools available.
Owen J. Roberts provides a solid education for their students and offers a plethora interesting electives that can help their students focus on their interests and what they might want to pursue a career in. While the education is decent, the learning environment can be a little distracting and while some teachers might be qualified with their knowledge, they do not always have the best communication skills.
Owen J Roberts is a quality school overall. Between the academics and sports facilities its an all around the perfect highs school experience. Owen J Roberts High school is a very inclusive school and helps all there students.
Owen J. Roberts provides a lot of opportunities for seniors like me to get ready for The future. The guidance counselors always try to be there for their students as well as the teachers. OJR is very concerned about safety as well which I admire a lot. I always feel safe whenever I am in the school. Not only are the staff great, but the students as well. From what I have seen, everyone is accepting of everyone and we all come together to make changes in our community.
Both my children attended OJR. I find the facilities, teachers and academics to be a top notch. My children were able to challenge themselves both academically and physically (they both play sports).
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I have mostly enjoyed my time here. This school has a good environment and has given me multiple opportunities to expand my education.
I have great learning relationships with some of my teachers. They were great resources. They are always there to help out if I needed.
There are a few teachers who do care about students, while others just see teaching as a job they must do everyday. The few teachers who care do make the student experience positive.
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