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Owen J. Roberts School District Reviews

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I enjoyed my experience in the Owen J. Roberts school district, but found that some teachers were too inattentive or treated students unfairly.
The students and teachers at OJR are very kind and unforgettable. I have made life long friendships at this school. The school spirit is amazing and very strong.
The campus is usually very clean and well-maintained. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. The curriculum is strong with several different elective choices. Athletics are very popular here and often outweigh the influence of the arts. Many opportunities for AP/IB-capable students to structure their curriculum. Only a few major problems with staff/students over the years. Below average student diversity. Dozens of clubs are available for many interests.
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It was good. For the most part, i learned a lot but there were some problems with school politics. They didnt tell me about subject tests which didnt help me but it prepared me for sats.
My experience in high school was the stereotypical crazy experience seen within the movies. While it was fun, the academics are no joke. Owen J Roberts offers great resources, as well as a great community. If I had to attend highschool again, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Everybody knows everybody, it's a friendly environment. The band, cheerleaders, and football team all get along. The music program has been thriving and continuously growing (though it's already big now), the football team is getting better now that it is under new coaching. The principal does not only know the really good kids or the really bad kids he knows everybody and is very active.
My school is a really great school, depending on the classes you take it will prepare for college! Their are so many different things you can do here to get involved. They have all kinds of different varsity sports and a wide variety of clubs and organizations!
There are amazing opportunities provided here, but there is room for improvement. There is no sex education at all, concerns about predators and bullies among the students sometimes fall on deaf ears, anti-LGBT attacks, sexism, etc. tend to be steeped under the rug, and more. The only way something gets done is when a parent freaks out, and even then sometimes nothing happens. As well, cheerleaders, marching band, etc. and even other activities that involve a greater number of students are not given the same respect as NCAA sports and are not given much funding, if any at all, in comparison to the "big" sports like football.
OJR prepared me well for post secondary education while allowing me to pursue various and diverse clubs and opportunities to help me grow
It is an awesome school for sports especially and clubs. Teachers there go above and beyond for you!
I love the amount of clubs and different sports that are offered within the high school. There are clubs such as Chess Club, Yearbook, Jam Club, and even Ski and Snowboard Club. There is such a wide variety of activities available for the student body that there is always something to do. There is an activity for everyone. Every year there is a fashion show, student and faculty talent show, art show, fall/spring play and musical, winter and spring band concerts, film festival, and of course, football games during the fall season. There is so much that the high school offers (in and out of class) that it would be impossible to list it all. I feel incredibly at home in this school (regardless of how I may feel early in the mornings), and there is so much that this school has to offer.
The entire administration truly cares about the success of each student - in and out of the class room. The Owen J. Roberts School District is a supportive community that encourages students in their endeavors and provides outstanding preparation for graduation and beyond.
Lots of events for peer building, felt safe with rules and regulations, caring teachers, great programs.
Owen J Roberts is a positive, dynamic learning environment. faculty and administration at the high school level are fully engaged and encouraging of each student to realize his/her full potential. Opportunities abound for music, art, athletics and all interests.
I started at Owen J Roberts in my senior year, so I didn't know the school perfectly well. From my experience, it was pretty good. The teachers were helpful, and I knew that they genuinely cared about the well-being of the students. The teachers are there to teach you, not to fail you.
The school is an amazing school with amazing people in it. The teachers you will get will give you the education you want and should have. They may have had a few teacher problems these past few years, but the school is still outstanding. It is the best in the surrounding area and that shows in their numbers. They have high achieving students and faculty. They also have a supportive community around them.
Owen J Roberts schools are very good. I feel they prepared me for college. The teachers work hard and are devoted to the school.
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OJR is overall an amazing school with plenty of academic and extracurricular activities. There are so many courses and clubs offered by the faculty here and helped me to make the most of my time here. My only issue was the lack of preparation for college (and beyond) from the guidance department.
The teachers were excellent and really cared about their students' futures. I felt fully prepared for college once I had graduated, and I believe that the school is the main reason for my success in higher education.
I had a good experience at the school. The one thing I would change would be the food. It taste bland sometimes. They have healthy option but I feel the need to add more main dishes with more veggies and better quality food. Sometimes it is dry or soggie or tough. Over all the school is good.
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