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Owen County Public Schools Reviews

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The teachers and staff were amazing however compared to other schools the school wasn’t as up to date with certain programs. The school lost vocational programs during my time but also hired more staff to help build better programs for other vocational areas. Staff don’t always seem supported by administrators. The amount of bullying and violence in my opinion was low. Overall, a good school.
What I like about Owen County Public schools is that Owen County is a small town, which means a small school system. I like the fact that everyone knows everyone, and everyone is very welcoming to you once you get into the school system. I believe that everyone is very nice and helpful. For example, when we lost one of our own students a few years ago to a car accident, everyone rallied around that family and everyone felt the hurt and pain of that loss, even if you didn't know the student personally. For our graduation ceremonies the entire town comes to the high school to watch the seniors graduate. What I would change about Owen County schools would be that we had more diversity. There isn't much diversity in our schools because of our placement in Kentucky, which isn't too good. I would like to see the school change to be more diverse.
I've attended the Owen County Schools my entire academic career and am now about to graduate. As I am looking back I realize how lucky I am to attend a rural high school where the teachers take an effort to know you personally and are always free and willing to go the extra mile to assure you understand the material. The Owen County High School has an extremely productive college readiness program, where if you qualify you can attend dual credit college classes at NKU, KSU or JCTC. The Owen County High School also has a great career readiness program where you can attend a vocational program to receive certifications, and through ILEAD can receive a associates degree by the end of your high school career.
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More academic preparation early in high school. Helping students design a track for success in college. More option for languages and other college preparedness opportunities.
The staff and administration in Owen County are outstanding; however, because the town is very rural and landlocked, there are no large businesses to support education and/or provide for the community. Owen County is a safe community and an excellent place to live!
Went to Owen county all my life, absolutely loved it. Great opportunities from dual credit to vocational school to the health science class that is now available.
I really enjoy the good education I recieved at Owen County. I was proud to be part of a Proficient school in 2016. The clubs that were offered were a lot of fun and helped me to interact with others. Most of the facilities were very nice including our new weight room. There wasn't much diversity in our school; but overall, the school experience at Owen County was a huge success.
Owen County High school is a great schools I have had many great experiences at. However there can always be improvements. I believe they need to take a second look at their staff
Throughout the any years I have went to Owen County Schools I have felt extremely welcome, safe, and excepted. Many of the teachers connect with the students on a personal level they understand what you are going through. Ever since I have begun attending this school I have felt at home as if I truly belonged for once. I don't remember my other school I have attended for I was very young. As I get older I've realized that if it wasn't for me moving to Owen County School district I would not be who I am today. Many other students in my school will tell you the same as I have for we have such a great school program. My favorite part about this school is the Choir and Book club we have which I am a part of both pf these programs. I am the current student of the month for the senior class of 2017.
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