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Owatonna Public School District Reviews

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The Owatonna Public School District is impressive. Their teachers are caring and always wants to help you grow in character and intellectually. Their High School courses are phenomenal, going from Calculus I to Calculus II and Human Genetics and Human Biology. Their courses push students to increase their knowledge and help them for the future. Something that could be improved is the High School in general: it is a bit outdated and could use some modernization and updates. Overall, this school district is very impressive.
I had a great school experience in Owatonna! There wasn't much diversity which would have been cool to grow up with, but Owatonna as a town isn't very diverse. I loved most of my teachers and there are a lot of activities to get involved in!
Owatonna High School provides a good education although there are some faults. We need a new school building however the teachers are amazing.
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Teacher who are passionat about student learning expirence. While helping student pursue career and education goals.
Sometimes there is a lack of care shown by certain teachers. But it is never widespread, or hateful. When I was younger, I thrived on Gifted and talented programs, and now such programs are obsolete. This is a grave mistake on the part of the school district. As a child, I never had to try in elementary or junior high school. Without gifted and talented, I would be taught to have an extreme lack of of motivation, and an absolutely horrific work ethic. If kids never have to put forth effort to succeed, why on earth would they suddenly start in high school and college? I strongly encourage, I beg my school district to reimplement gifted and talented programs. I was fortunate enough to have them, and I wish the same opportunity for those younger than me.
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