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Need more college info from counselors. I do not feel the school in general works with students to help them be fully prepared for college. They expect students to just know everything that is needed or expected. They need to be more informative about scholarships, classes, grants, and college loans that are out there. Some kids have parents that did not attend college, so they are at a real disadvantage on knowing where to go for help.
I had plenty of great experiences when it comes to Owasso. I still call it home to to this day. Changes to school districts is being able to provide children with healthier food options, as well supplying all high school sports for each team have their own facility and decent budget.
I enjoyed the different extracurricular activities it provided with the accepting nature of them. Some teachers were really great, some I had no idea how they could be even hired. To encourage kids to become teachers one day, encourage academics and work with kids to understand and learn and like it. Not just throw an online assignment at them and tell them to use SIRI and not ask them- the teacher.
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Better parent involvement and teachers who pay more attention to students instead of just teaching to the test.
The academics prepare you for college. The teachers help you if you need it. The school has a safe environment. The school gets the parents involved in with helping their kids. The teachers care about their students.
Owasso Public School was a blast for me. It is a school worth going to the staff and teachers there are very kind towards their students. The school also has a lot of spirit in their sports teams, many of the sports teams have won over the past few years as you can see the trophies put into cases and displayed in the hall ways.
Owasso public schools is a good school to attend. It has a very good and safe learning environment and students can stay calm and focused on the education. Owasso High School excels in athletics, they have high quality football/soccer feilds, track, and multiple gyms. If you get hurt, you can go to the wellness center and check up with a trainer and docter from owasso bone and joint.
School is so big that it is hard to make many friends. The teachers have so many students it is difficult for them to really notice the students. Parents must take steps to get involved to address issues b/c if they don't, no one at the school will take care of it. Academics are great but there seems to be too much emphasis on football and other sports do not get the recognition they deserve.
Teachers truly care for the students and the success of their student. Staff works hard to push the students to be the best they can be!
I've lived in Owasso and gone to Owasso Public schools my entire life. It has always had its ups and downs. One of the biggest issues is the fact that the Athletic Department that is corrupt in the way they select athletes and coaches all the same. If you are a new student you have close to no chance of getting on to the team. But with some of the best academics in the state it is a hard school to beat, due to Oklahoma's awful laws on education
Owasso High School has changed my life. This school has unlocked so many valuable opportunities for me. As someone who is involved in the performing arts, I have seen growth in myself through Owasso's Performing Arts Programs. Not only have I learned about music and acting, I've leaned how to manage my time and priorities, work hard, cooperate with and encourage others, and help out in my community.
Great school system. Dr. Ogilvie is an amazing superintendent. The Elementary schools are great definitely recommend North East as your elementary teachers are great and the school is fairly new. 6th-12th-grade school is great. Teachers actually want you to succeed, sure not all the teachers are amazing but 99% of them actually care about the students and their wellbeing. Owasso High School will definitely prepare you for College. Sports are A+, Teachers are A+ and Academics is A +. Definitely, a school for your kids to grow in.
As an alum of Owasso High School, I can proudly say they have done a wonderful job providing their students with copious amounts of educational and extracurricular activities.
Overall, I would say that my experience at Owasso High School was pretty generic. I wish that Owasso would dedicate less of their budget to the football team and the band and use that money for things that would benefit the entire school instead of a select few. Administration should also review its tenure policy, as some teachers in the Owasso school district have said very offensive and inappropriate things to their classrooms and upon being reported, no action was taken against tenured teachers.
Owasso Public Schools give the feel of a large school with a small town atmosphere. It offers multiple electives based on each students personal interests, and the faculty and staff are always eager to help and educate all students.
I liked the environment,especially with sports. Owasso is a big sports school, so it was fun going to the basketball and football games. It is a very nice school,including the library and the school itself. It was always kept very clean and the staff has always been very friendly.
Overall Owasso is a great town and has great schools. The athletes and band tend to power over the school though making it hard for smaller groups to stand out. The teachers are very nice and helpful. My only complaint is that I was not as prepared for college as I should have been. It is difficult to give an exact replication but I was not given anything near it my four years attending.
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A great school district with ambitious teachers and students alike. Friendly staff, faculty, coaches, and teachers. There's a place for everyone.
Overall I would say Owasso Public Schools are very average. Owasso Public Schools has both positive things about it as well as negative things. The schools has a wide variety of very good activities for the students to get involved in and has a very good since of community which I enjoy. It does however have quite a few inadequate teachers who focus more on students passing the class rather than actually learning. The schools also are in very poor condition and could us facilities.
More dedication and commitment from staff and teachers need to become a part of this school system. Education and learning need to be made a priority to better prepare kids for a bright future.
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