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Ovid-Elsie Area Schools Reviews

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My experience at Ovid Elsie was great, i have a lot of friends and i got close to a lot of teachers. The school has a very good security and safety system to make all students feel welcomed.
The safety precautions were great and the student involvement was excellent as well. I wish the school was more welcoming and diverse.
I think Ovid-Elsie is a good school district, but they are very conventional. The school district needs to focus on the students needs and update the sex ed.
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Small town school, super supportive community. Great sports programs and college readiness programs.
So far in my experience with Ovid-Elsie Schools, I have been quite pleased with their performance as a school. Obviously there will be a few hiccups in the road, seeing as I am a student, but overall I have enjoyed my stay there.
Ovid-Elsie area schools are academically great but just like any other school there are some issues.
I enjoyed my time at Ovid Elsie Schools. However, there isn;t much culture or outreach. Granted, it's a small town school. But I would have loved to be able to take French, not Chinese or Spanish. I felt that I was not prepared what so ever for the adult world when I graduated. The classes were not so much a problem where as how to handle finances such as loans and rent and taxes was. The clubs at Ovid-Elsie are few in number, but I think that everyone could find one to join, or get enough people that you could start your own.
In my experience with Ovid-Elsie schools I can only say that it's okay. The students are conceited and their are bugs in the high school kitchen, band and other rooms. However, the teachers try their best to make insure that students are getting passing grades. The school offers basic sports and clubs but doesn't go far with them unless it draws a crowd. They try but with methane leaks and bullying problems I wouldn't allow my future children to attend this school.
The teachers at Ovid-Elsie Area Schools care deeply about their students and get to know them well. The superintendent is local and knows the majority of the students at Ovid-Elsie. It is a great school and I would highly recommend it.
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