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Ouachita hills academy prepared me for college. There is a beautiful environmemnt in my school! It is out in the country. The school does alot of community service in which all students participate. We visit nursing homes, clean yards, paint houses...etc. We are also involved in a Bell Choir. Trips are taken at least once a week to churches, nursing homes, malls, public places and we play for the people as a way to minister to them. We also have a work program where each student works at least 4 hours a day to help pay for tuition costs. We do all of this and still keep up with our academics. As you can see it very well prepared students for college life.
I like Ouachita because everyone grows together as a family. Everyone at Ouachita is treated with respect and the manners are always required. The only thing I would change about Ouachita would be that we need to take more pride in our campus by adding more things to it and fixing things up. But we are constantly working on doing so. In the last year the school has undergone many changes including remodeling and new administration. New administration is currently trying to get test scores up by working one on one with students. Ouachita is always trying to improve. Other than that I consider Ouachita a great place to attend school.
I like how everyone is willing to help you and that teachers are mostly there if you need them but I wish some classes other than the AP one would push students to try harder as it won’t be as easy to pass classes when we get to college.
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It is very small and everybody knows everybody. There is plenty of clubs and organizations to join. There are is a lot of student and teacher involvement. The community is very involved and supportive of the school and comes to warrior games. Ouachita has many opportunities with there distance classes and COTO classes. The Warrior motto is 100 percent effort 100 percent on the time which the principal enforces everyday. Ouachita has an excellent English program and a growing art and music program. Most people who work there are willing to communicate and give emotion advice to there students. Ouachita is a quantity school with traditions and activities for all, as a student I really enjoy going there. My family is very supportive and involved at Ouachita.
This school has very good diversity. Teachers help students and Ouchita over all has great academics. One of my parents went to this school and now me!
I loved all the teachers and administration at Ouachita High School, although i believe they need a huge upgrade. The focus has been on building new buildings for classes and they tend to forget the athletic part of the school. A new basketball gym has been much needed for years now. Not just for the kids wise but we also need to provide more seating or even AC to our fans. This school is among one of the only that still has an old, no ac gymnasium.
I loved how small the school is, it makes it easier to bond with people. But the education levels are not the best. I would love to see that change in the future.
At Ouachita School District everyone is very close and everybody knows everybody. I loved this about Ouachita because I am very shy sometimes and this brought me out of my shell. However the academics at Ouachita are honestly not the best, in most of my classes I really do not learn anything at all. I feel that some of my teachers are not qualified to teach the subject that they teach. I wish my counselor gave me and my senior class more help with getting scholarships and applying to colleges.
I have attended Ouachita school district since preschool. The school is great and the atmosphere is awesome. I have enjoyed my time here.
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