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Ouachita Parish Public Schools Reviews

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I liked that the majority of all my teachers helped me when i needed help on something or if i was stuck on something. Also majority of the students are always involved in either clubs,music groups, sports, clubs and activities. Only thing i would probably change about the schools is to get more people to be involved in stuff.
They have good hands on teachers but all aren’t great. I respect the school district because they want everyone to succeed
Personally, my experience with Ouachita Parish Public School has been very good. I have had many great teachers that have taught me so much and how to work hard.
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My experience being in this school district for my whole grade school career was great because I always had teachers that cared about our success but there we some bad apples in the bunch. Mostly all of the teacher and administrators were great and involved. One main thing that kept me on track was my parental involvement, my mother always was on top of my grades and help with every thing that I struggled with in my studies. With her being a single mothe at that time I know she did a amazing job because look at me now a sophomore in college.
Ouachita Parish high was full of experiences. I enjoyed the lessons I was taught. Most of the the teachers there really made sure that you understood the the lesson and that if you had any questions that they were there.
It has always been my privilege to attend these schools. I made many friends, had many great club experiences, and I was so prepared for college I graduated a year early. The only thing I would ever change is the quality of the food. However, one bad thing in a long line of memories is something I will gladly accept.
Many teachers do not have to proper materials to properly teach their class, and when they do, they're not in good shape.I've experienced computer classes with multiple non-functioning computers and other classes that didn't have enough text books to go around.Many of these textbooks were also torn up from years of being used and some were even yellowed.The bathroom facilities were almost always lacking in either toilet paper or paper towels and on many occasions they toilet would overflow and leave the floor flooded for over a day. Also, our high school students need more than 4 chicken nuggets and an apple to be considered full after a meal.Plus, the cafeteria lunch is always a set price, but why should I need to pay the same amount for my apple and sandwich as someone with a full 4 course meal on their tray? Finally, I've also had teachers who barely taught. They did not connect with me and I ended up needing a tutor and having to teach myself with many YouTube videos.
Sometimes not very safe and needs to crack down on drug and alcohol problems, but is very good in academics.
The schools in this district is a joke.. they do nothing to stop kids from being bullied. They do nothing to help special needs kids.. just pass then to the next grade someone else problem.
I graduated from a Ouachita Parish school and now I am close to graduating college with a 3.5 grade point average. Most of the teachers I had were very professional and encouraged me to do my best. My mother is a 5th grade teacher in the parish and my Uncle is a director of schools in the same parish.
West Monroe High School is a decent school. I do not like the way they treat the less fortunate children. If you have money you get privileges and when they miss school they do not say anything or keep their credit. MY child is an A student, missed day bc of her immune system problems and they didn't give her 5 of her credits.
Ouachita parish school system is a great school system most of the schools are up to date and have access to computers in each classroom. The student to teacher ratio is low . This school system will challenge your child and have them form great study habits to prepare them for college.
Ouachita Parish Public Schools are great. The school I attended was Ouachita Parish High School. Everything was pretty great, but I do feel as though they could have done better with preparing us for college.
I love this school system. It has everything that a student needs to make it through school. The schools are throughout nice communities.
Ouachita Parish Schools had fantastic faculty that really cared about their students. I do not feel that a change is really necessary.
As a student and now parent of students at Ouachita Parish Public Schools I find that overall the students receive a quality education from great teachers. The staff seems to show concern for their students. I disagree with the way the funds are appropriate within the school system. Millions of dollars are spent on football fields, gyms, etc. while technology and other educational resources are lacking.
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