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Ottumwa Community School District Reviews

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The teaching staff is fantastic and willing to help the students. However; the focus of most school leaders is in students who are struggling while students who do well are neglected. An example is the high school TAG teacher was dismissed and not replaced.
I like the Ottumwa School District a lot but wish there were better lunch options. I also think we have a great music program but it would be beneficial if they git a bit more money from the school. I think the school spirit is great and it is a very fun school to attend.
My experience In ottumwa high school ,was one of the most thrilling and wonderful thing I experienced. There was a sense of closeness in as much as the difference in ethnicity. Everyone had a sense of respect for their friend or neighbors ethnicity,and I wouldn't change anything about that fact.
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It’s very nice overall, but could use some help. There are some teachers who could have improvement, along with the school itself.
One on one computers for students would be nice to have. Technology is apart of our world and a school of our size would benefit greatly from these.
Our high school is very old. For a school of our size it would be nice to have either a new high school or athletic facilities at our Hi school so we do not have to travel to the junior high.
I love how much pride our teachers and principal take in our school and students! They are very welcoming to those who join our community and the students have positive attitudes towards others. They definitely enjoy and encourage diversity as we held an entire diversity assembly last year to help students feel represented and validated. The janitors and maintenance staff are always happy to help out students even if it’s not their place, they work hard and always have big smiles! However, I would like to see some staff be better role models. There have been times when teachers have been late to class because of gossip, they don’t follow dress code and miss out on important days such as presentations. While it is vital for students to follow the same guidelines, the same effect should be the same for staff. Respect goes both ways and I feel that students should be heard, at times there are circumstances where the adult needs to listen rather than shut down a student immediately.
While being a former student and a current parent to a student , I have seen an incredible change in the district. Some areas are better while other areas are poor. While the Exterior and Interior of the buildings have changed for the better the school spirit has declined tremendously. As teachers are retiring they can't get enough teachers to come into the district due to poor administrative skills. Some of the schools have fantastic administrative professionals while others are lacking in that area. While attending the district as a student everyone had teachers that cared about them as a person along with them being successful. While as parent of a student now I see more of the teachers being there because its a paycheck. They have little interaction with students unless its part of their job description.
Went to school all 4 years here and the building is kind of run down but it looks okay. Slowly been fixing it up. Just got new football and soccer statium. Average at sports, and not a lot of funding unless you play football or softball.
After attending school in Ottumwa School District for all 12 years of my education, I feel like the district honestly deserves a 4. Before the new superintendent, and new high school Pricipal were introduced, I would have given the district a 5 in a heartbeat. Since that time, I would only feel comfortable giving a 2-3 star rating, so they even out to about 4. With the administration changes over the past two years, the entire district has gone down hill, decreased safety, unorganized discipline, wrongful administrations movement, and a decreasing care for students- but an increase in graduation rate (interesting how those are connected). In the state of the district, administration, and board right now, I would not want to teach, or have a child in the district, but 2+ years ago, and hopefully in the future, I would be pleased to send my child, or apply myself to a position in the Ottumwa District.
I've had a very peaceful 4 years here. There are more fights than usual but there stupid rather quickly.
One thing I would change is the teaching environment most teaches are very slow or reluctant to help students. Another would be the environment I feel that shoot of kids fear coming to school or get involved due to being judged.
The OCSD is like any normal public district I could imagine; it has its faults and its highs. For instance, there is often controversy among board members, changing staff in the schools, and typical student ruckus, but nothing I wouldn't expect out of an average school district full of individuals with different viewpoints and goals.
Ottumwa schools should pursue a harder curriculum with stricter discipline policies. Often times, students become lazy and get off easily, thus meaning there should be improvements within these areas. Our activities and athletics are very good. We compete in class 4a division even though we dwell in a smaller city. We could definitely use more resources, this could help improve the facilities and lifestyle.
When I attended Ottumwa High school, it was not all that bad. Despite most of the students bad behaviors, the teachers was amazing. I met some great teachers and coaches, which today, I still communicate with.
Ottumwa High School has very friendly teachers. They are always looking out for students no matter where they come from or how smart they are. The teachers are always there to help students, and never give up on anyone. Personally I would change some of the specific on sports. Ottumwa is a very populated area for Southeast Iowa, and although it is a big school, there are no students who are athletes. It's not that there aren't people trying out for sports, it's that they don't commit and aren't capable of doing things coaches expect. People always wonder why Ottumwa loses a lot of the sporting events, it's because they play such better teams than they can. Personally i played volleyball for the last four years there and I have experienced it myself. As a team, we were around the same ability as some lower level schools, which were still a challenge to beat.
I like the different opportunities available for students, especially dual credit classes. I do not like how there is not much help from counselors with preparing for college.
I would like to see more for advanced students. Ottumwa does a nice job of catering to those behind their normal grade, but has nothing for students that want to challenge themselves and prepare for college effectively.
I enjoyed my experience and i just want to wish they would put more money towards music stuff like band and choral.
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OHS and its dual courses were able to prepare me for college, from writing 10 page papers to learning more about APA and MLA citiation.
I have 3 children in the Ottumwa Community School District. They provide a great learning environment with lots of extra curricular activities. I would recommend this district to anyone.
Most of the teachers are very personable and supportive. You can really get close to them and almost see them as a friend because the really care about you. However, it seemed like you could almost get in trouble for anything. I was a very good student. I showed up on time, ready, and turned all my work in. However, we had a fifteen minute area of the schedule called advisory. I usually went to the band room for mine. Well, my advisory teacher marked me as absent. I told them I could get a signature from my band teacher to prove I was not skipping, but they still gave me and hour detention.
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