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Otto-Eldred School District Reviews

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Runs low on resources near the middle of the school year. Food is horrible. Sports mean more than the music department.
Otto-Eldred is a very small school and is a great place to grow up, but I feel that the staff and teachers at O-E do not want to do their job.
I feel that they make it seem that every student should know everything.
I like the closeness of the community at Otto-Eldred! Everyone knows everyone else. I would have liked to have an actual teacher for foreign language, however! Overall, it is a nice school with very supportive and helpful teachers.
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Well I like how we have spirit for our teams and how we have extra classes we can take and how well the student body is with pep rallies and what student council dose for the school and its just so much fun for us the students to have fun and like school.
Otto Eldred seems to be more interested in keeping the old boys club alive. While they have access to a Career and Technical Center, they still offer a wood shop class but do not offer home Ec or other programs similar. Many of the recently hired staff has family ties to someone in administration or the school board.
Hello, I love Otto-Eldred at this school you can be your self and no one will judge you. I love how we are all happy and congraulating the sport teams. we all have spirit and we like to share that with others. I love that the teachers are so nice they help you if you need help. Also all of the extra classes. all extra criculums. Like peer helps they help and set up most of the activitys that we do at the school. Class officers your class choses who they want them to be and anyone gets them. Otto-Eldred isnt like other school we care about one another even though we dont show it that much we all care you just have to be there for a while to see it all happen. You have to also be there in the right place and time.
The teachers in this school district are definitely some of the most caring educators you will ever have the pleasure of working with. When I attended Otto-Eldred, I had the most beneficial and rewarding experience from the Music Department. They are by far the most hardworking teachers in the district, and sometimes that goes far unnoticed.
I love it at my school. The teachers are great and fair, the students are well behaved, and the environment is very welcoming.
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