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Ottawa Unified School District Reviews

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The school is pretty small and the campus is easy to access, quality of infrastructures is really nice and the campus life is a must have. Lot of activities and staff really involved to give you the best college experience, a perfect mix between quality and enjoyement.

Nevertheless there are not many professors and it lowers the quality of educatuion vecause some of them are not the best ever. Having more professors would help to reach the next level.
I absolutely loved Ottawa and the people who go there. Everyone is super nice and the teachers take into consideration to help any of their students that ask for the help.
I like how everyone here wants to see you succeed. At schools I have attended in the past, it seemed like at times teachers did not care about how well students did, instead just there because it is there job.
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I've only lived in the school district for 3 years, and it's not bad. Obviously, I don't think any high school is probably going to be amazing because I'm a cynical high school student. But it's really not bad, and it could be worse for sure.
Ottawa needs more discipline and structure. They have good resources but it means nothing if there is no discipline.
I believe more life experience classes would be beneficial. Not just semester-long either. Topics such as Taxes; how to balance a checkbook; (investing-although there is a class on that - I think it should be expanded) completing resumes; job interviews; scholarships (they do SOME) but could certainly have a more dedicated time for this. I think it should be required (not just an elective) - to have cooking; powder puff automotive (for girls;) life class that teaches how to take care of children; keep a household going. Some people aren't taught that. While all these fancy math classes benefit VERY LITTLE - more REGULAR math - would be better.
I loved the place, great friendly neighborhood, great stores, just a wonderful place to be. The people are also very friendly as well because it is a smaller town therefore you get to know people easier because you get to interact with them more often than you would in a larger, higher populated city or cities.
I believe Ottawa High School is a great school. Yes, it has its downs, but I have learned so much in the last four years. Being on the dance team, in clubs, and many more things, it makes so many great memories to look back on. The students work hard as well as the teachers. They do the best they can to give us the best education.
More diversity would be nice. I get that it’s a small town so there isn’t going to be much, but i feel uncomfortable sometimes.
I have not yet gone I have been accepted into the school I would be a college freshman, but unfortunately tuition costs are a problem.
I enjoyed the opportunities to take college credit while taking high school credit. I would like to see more of a security change.
The district could definitely use some improvement. There are of course good people but they are simply sprinkled within the bad. Many of the teachers seem tired and lazy. The curriculum is not consistent and the administration is terrible.
I loved the student to teacher interaction, all teachers were willing to help in whatever way necessary. I would love to see more educational opportunities, more ways to branch out to partake in things that interest us.
I liked the experience at ottawa high, The school is a small town school so academics are very well.
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