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Ottawa-Glandorf Local School District Reviews

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I graduated from Ottawa-Glandorf back in 2012. I felt the high school prepared us for college and the teachers were exceptional. I was involved in Key Club, Choir, and Softball. Our Safety at Ottawa-Glandorf was always taken seriously. We had different choices for food during lunch time. Our Academics especially football and basketball we excelled in. Go Titans!
Ottawa Glandorf schools are very friendly and welcoming. They are small enough tat you will have the opportunity to know al of your classmates, but large enough that you will have a variety of sports, clubs, and different people to hang out with. They are also partnered with Rhodes state college and millstream to give students the opportunity o further prepare and advance themselves academically.
Ottawa-Glandorf School District is huge on supporting others. It’s an uplifting environment to be in everyday and I absolutely loved it! The teachers are great and learning and maintaining the material is their main goal. The athletic programs are amazing as well and the entire community supports these programs. It’s amazing to see everyone come together for these events. However, it would be nice to see a broader range of extra-curriculars.
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I like the use of technology the school has brought on to use for educational purposes. The school may want to start being bigger on different programs for different vocations.
It is a great school district offering many college credit opprotunies. I have learned a lot here and had amazing opprotunies to get involved in the community. The only reason I only gave it four stars was because of its focus on basket ball and football over all other sports and academics.
There was a larger focus on sports than there was academics. Advanced students had little options for accelerating their education. Students in sports were favored and given less harsh or even no punishments when they got in trouble or got caught cheating, which there was a lot of with the sports teams.
Ottawa Glandorf Highschool is a very intelligent medical field oriented school. If you are looking into the medical field this place is perfect! Their staff makes a student feel right at home and they are always there and ready to help!
Great teachers and counselors. Not only that but, some of the best athletics in Northwest Ohio. The environment at OG is something you can’t get at other places. It’s probly the hardest school to not fit in, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends and try new things. It’s the perfect size too, close to 150 kids per class so it’s not to big or small. The area of the school is probably perfect too, lots of fun restaurants and stores that can entertain you for hours at a time. The safety of a school is probably one of the most important things when searching for a school and I can safely say that at OG you won’t find much trouble, everyone behaves well but you always have those immature freshman. So other than that OG is a place that I highly recommend for anyone in search of a school. Hopefully I see you there soon so I can give you s tour.
My experience at Ottawa Glandorf has been very good. The people in our community have great hearts and will help with anything. The students are great and will make all feel welcome. Sports are a huge part of our school also and we've been very successful through the past few years. Most students from here go to college and there's a lot of help to get you there. Ottawa Glandorf offers many college classes that will save you money and challenge the student with the next level of course work. I highly recommend Ottawa Glandorf schools for anyone who wants a great education and a great experience in a community of hard working people.
I enjoyed the school spirit but this school is too focused on sports and no one cares about academics. The smart kids get swept under the rug unless they are a star athlete.
I think my school is a very welcoming environment. Overall I would say there is a lot of spirit through sports and events. However, our school is very click oriented. We all come together for a common cause though. The teachers are very helpful but there are hardly incentives to do good.
It is a great place to get an education. At Ottawa-Glandorf I won given the chance to take part in several groups and clubs. I go to talk to other I would not of if it was not for this club. This school has given the best opportunity to get scholarships and into the college of my choice.
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