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Otsego Public Schools are amazing schools! All the staff is so kind and all the teachers are willing to do anything they can to help you. I always felt safe here, and everyone is so nice! There are many fun activities to be involved in, and you just feel at home here! I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a school in the area. I will miss being here so much!
Excellent teachers staff and a great community support for all students and families. The extra circular to academics are wonderful and kids succeed. We love the programs and all the hard work the district strives to provide for all students and families. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
While attending Otsego Public Schools I enjoyed being around most of the teachers because they are all very welcoming and friendly. Also, the teachers had a very well understanding of the subjects they were teaching which was very helpful when I had questions. However, there isn't much diversity which I would have liked to be more exposed to but that's not something they can really control. Also, the cafeteria food could definitely be improved but what school doesn't have bad food? Overall, Otsego Public Schools has a great school system and it's definitely one of the best in Allegan County.
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The community is great. Otsego Public Schools work together to ensure that their students succeed with their education. The staff is always helpful and the teachers always go an extra mile when needed.
They don’t do enough to make their sports teams good, they have teachers that need to retire, isn’t helpful to be college ready based on how it’s ran but they do offer several difficult classes
The teachers aat Otsego strive to help their students succesed and to set them on the track for a successful future.
After going to Otsego Public Schools my entire life, I can say I am satisfied with it. I've appreciated the constant support the school has given me and the teachers I've gotten to know. I do feel the school should be more strict on the phone policy.
I enjoyed High school, it was pretty average. We had a really nice school. People were okay. Teachers were wonderful. I would send my kids here.
The teachers at Otsego care individually for each student and are dedicated to help each student succeed. They are very patient and try to help everyone according to their own needs. Also the sports programs are fantastic. Otsego has had two state championships in Cross country and many students have made all state in wrestling, swimming, soccer, track, cross country and many other sports. Otsego's building is very clean and in great shape. I highly recommend Otsego!
Going to largee school system in a smaller town was a great experience. Given the size of the town you would think you would know all of your class mates I found it hard to keep track myself. I was a very popular student there being a four year letterman. Seemed like everyone knew me but I had little memory of them. Academically I see now why my parents chose to live there. Even though I really did not give a hundred percent I receivedgood grades. Just shows the quality of the teaching staff. They pressed me hard to give my best. I very proud of growing up and going to school in the Otsego Public Schools.
Otsego Public Schools is a decent school system to attend or have your children attend. OPS has good facilities that are comfortable for an adequate learning environment.
By my rating, you can see that I really enjoyed my time at Otsego. The faculty are all very encouraging and willing to work with you when you need them. The school facilities give a comfortable environment for learning. There are many resources for the students to use like computers and work space at any time throughout the day. There are always sporting events or club meetings going on for students to get involved and be social. Overall, Otsego is a very nice school with great students and teachers.
The things i really enjoyed at Otsego are the the teachers and how helpful everyone is. Otsego High School has a very good academics program. They offer many classed that will help very student in want they want to go into when they graduate High school.
Over the past twelve years in Otsego Public Schools I have had a great experience. My teachers take time out of their schedule to give me extra help. They also believe in and support all of their students so they can be successful. While at Otsego I was able to participate in many sports, clubs, and activities. Those include golf, musical, soccer, student council, NHS, and cross country. The community of Otsego is loving and everyone cares for one another. We do several awesome fundraisers. We support VanAndel Institute, Make a Wish, Bulldogs for a Cure, and fundraisers for those in need in our community. I love being an Otsego Bulldog.
Overall Otsego is a pretty welcoming and encouraging district. There are many activities for students to get involved in. Most teachers seem to genuinely care about their students and are willing to help wherever they can.
I really believe that my high school is amazing. It is very new and modern. I really like how the building has 2 floors and all of the class rooms are in the same part of the building. There are 2 gyms and a super nice weight room. It is all very convenient. One thing I would like to see changed is the way the school store is ran. I feel like it is never open. Overall, I am really gonna miss my school next year.
My experience at Otsego High School was overall interesting. We had many groups or cliques. Of course there was the popular students that ran the school and played all the sports possible. There was also the brains that were forgotten about until graduation and the top 10 list came out. I was caught somewhere in the middle of all the drama of high school. I was not great at sports but I played them and I was not great at school but I was above average. I got through school with the hope going to nursing school and moving on from my high school experience.
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