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Otsego High School is an amazing school to attend. Though school is school, Otsego makes school fun and interesting. The teachers actually care about your education, they will take time out of their day to help you out. Not only that but the rest of the staff are amazing. For example, Mrs. Keil is the guidance counselor office receptionist. She is the most caring and helpful lady at Otsego. Even if you don't need anything from her, she is a great person to just talk to. Overall Otsego is a very nice school with an amazing staff
The teachers are great! They care a lot about our education and health. Many different electives to chose from.
My experience with Otsego has been pleasant. I have gone here since first grade and the community around it is homey and welcoming. OPS does its best to help every student it has and works hard to meet the needs of almost everyone. One thing I would like to see change is the effort toward meeting the needs of senior class. As I experience my senior year during the pandemic, the needs of the senior students and families have been swept under the rug and I would hope to see that change in the future. Outside of this, Otsego is a great public school system for kids and provides good education and support for its students.
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Otsego is a very nice school that is pretty small but has a good sense of community. Everyone is very friendly and the academics are very good.
The district is very safe and staff really care about students. There are a good amount of clubs and extracurriculars for students. There are lots of college prep opportunities but universities are really the only option discussed.
students here can be competitive both in the classroom and on the field. school spirit is a large part of the student body and on occasion we can get the teachers to participate.
I liked the school itself and the teachers. Food was eh. Five minute passing times were definitely not enough with the slow moving freshman and sophomores.
The teachers were amazing. They always wanted the best for you and always motivated you to produce your best work. Students are often self-centered and it is extremely exclusive to many groups in the school.
Otsego Public Schools is a very nice school and the teachers are very considerate and helpful. Counselors can be a little hard to get into contact with questions but they are very helpful once you do.
I would like to see how the staff handles students being bullied or harassed better. I feel as if students were mainly ignored when confronting adults about bullying and eventually students decided to just take the bullying because they felt as if no one was going to help them.
It is a friendly and safe environment. There is a lot of school spirit and friendly people. The teachers are very nice and they respect all students and the students do the same.
I transferred to Otsego Public Schools as a Junior in High School and my experiences were so great I had wished I had gone there my whole life. The schooling was much more advanced and encouraged. Before I attended Otsego I didn't know my GPA would matter so much. I had always gotten good grades but I didn't know the difference and the competitiveness it would have later in my life. From the day I start to the day I left I was pushed to excel there.
Otsego Public Schools are amazing schools! All the staff is so kind and all the teachers are willing to do anything they can to help you. I always felt safe here, and everyone is so nice! There are many fun activities to be involved in, and you just feel at home here! I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a school in the area. I will miss being here so much!
Excellent teachers staff and a great community support for all students and families. The extra circular to academics are wonderful and kids succeed. We love the programs and all the hard work the district strives to provide for all students and families. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
While attending Otsego Public Schools I enjoyed being around most of the teachers because they are all very welcoming and friendly. Also, the teachers had a very well understanding of the subjects they were teaching which was very helpful when I had questions. However, there isn't much diversity which I would have liked to be more exposed to but that's not something they can really control. Also, the cafeteria food could definitely be improved but what school doesn't have bad food? Overall, Otsego Public Schools has a great school system and it's definitely one of the best in Allegan County.
The community is great. Otsego Public Schools work together to ensure that their students succeed with their education. The staff is always helpful and the teachers always go an extra mile when needed.
They don’t do enough to make their sports teams good, they have teachers that need to retire, isn’t helpful to be college ready based on how it’s ran but they do offer several difficult classes
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The teachers aat Otsego strive to help their students succesed and to set them on the track for a successful future.
After going to Otsego Public Schools my entire life, I can say I am satisfied with it. I've appreciated the constant support the school has given me and the teachers I've gotten to know. I do feel the school should be more strict on the phone policy.
I enjoyed High school, it was pretty average. We had a really nice school. People were okay. Teachers were wonderful. I would send my kids here.
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