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I spend 7-12 grade at otsego High School and I believe it’s great choice. Yes, it lacks in diversity, but the clubs and academics are superior.
I love the atmosphere of the high school. The teachers are mostly great, minus a few. The principle and staff really do care about every students´ well being. They try to make school fun and definitely succeed in making it a safe place for all students.
Otsego is a small school in a small community but with a big heart. We all rally together when needed no matter what. Some examples are fundraisers for a student that struggled with cancer, fundraisers for a father of students also diagnosed with cancer, donating money raised through various events to several people/families going through tough times. Otsego also has many programs to continually help those in need. We have a garden that allows us to grow and share vegetables, we have our own community food bank with clothes for those same families. We have incorporated a PBIS program that helps to teach all ages the characteristics needed to be a productive adult. This program is complete with awards to earn and the goal of ending many things such as bullying, self-hurt, depression and many more afflictions young people face.
Overall Otsego is a great place to gain more than a typical education.
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The Otsego Local School District is a really good school district. They have lots of activities for students and families to get involved in and make their students feel like they belong.
The administration is great, they seem to really care about the students. Most of the teachers are really good-I learned a lot, and I looked forward to going to most classes. They have good resources available to you if you just ask.
Otsego is a wonderful school district. Its administration is caring and helpful, and the academics and activities are quality.
My experence at otsego local schools has been great. I have been an Otsego knight for 12 year and I have nothing bad to say about the school or faculty. I like this school so much because they improve my learning experience every year. whether it be buying every students Chromebook or getting smart boards. every year something changes for the better. One thing I would like to see change would be the soccer coach
Otsego High School is a great place. Our pricipal genuinly cares for each and every student. I feel very safe there and apart of a community. Otsego is very technologically adavnced, we are 1:1 with laptops. Meaning, each student has their own personal Chromebook that the school provides to aid us in our education. Otsego has opened many doors for me and many experiences I'll never forget. I'm very happy Otsego is the place where I will be graduating from.
Otsego High School is the place to be. I am still friends with my favorite teachers and I go in once or twice a year for a visit. I took all honors classes and they helped me prepare for college. There was a lot of college prepatory advisors and teachers to guide my education. This school is an advocate for embracing the new technologies for classrooms and upholding the highest of standards in public education. The commons area is filled with boards and pictures of honor role students, athletic record breakers, the mission statement, and even local military veterans. The district is the picture of community and family and I am proud to be a part of it.
Otsego High Schools is full of opportunities for its students. It is an engaging and hard working school that goes above and beyond for its students.
Wonderful school to attend! Would recommend to anyone! Very kind and down to earth. All the teachers were very kind as I attended my whole school life there. There are many programs and classes to attend and the teachers are very kind. The sports programs were wonderful to be a part of and the coached were tough but fair. They never pushed you past what you could take. Attending this school really helped build confidence and if I had to attend school all over again I would choose this one!!
Otsego is not only a place but, it's where a family is formed. We all come together to be one and are constantly helping one another to improve in any way that they can. They are always getting up to date with the new trends in order to give their students the best they possibly can. Not many things can really improve because the district is constantly making sure they give the best to everyone.
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