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The school overall is okay. They offer some nice classes. Currently I am taking classes like anatomy and physiology took help me for the career I want to take.
This school has its ups and downs and I would say the only good thing about it would be SOME of the teachers. The school budget does not really support the arts and the school itself is becoming too small for a large amount of demographics that come with each year.
The opportunities to challenge oneself with rigorous classes and competitive spirit weeks. Students can definitely use parent, administration, and community support.
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Othello High School is in a small town with an extremely close community. Because of this, everyone knows each other and making close friends is almost certain. However, since our school is small, there is a limited amount of activities for students as well as classes. Im not allowed to explore my interest in pre medicine And psychology because of the limited classes. Also, we are limited with sports coaches and teachers however, since our community is small it is easy to build a relationship with them. The diversity is very limited with mostly a hispanic and white community which I wish would expand. All in all, our school is like a home and the students are a family, Though we are somewhat limited, we make the most of our experience.
Othello High School is a community where I feel like I can succeed. Being at a small school it's nice to be able to know everyone you see in the halls. Although the academics may not be the best, people really care for each other here and it's an amazing community.
The Othello School District has been a provided a good education for my peers and I. Their dedication to serving the community is evident in their development of programs that cater to all kinds of students (i.e. fast track math, AVID, ELL programs). However, the district lacks enough teachers and buildings that can adequately serve the student body. All in all, Othello has provided me a great opportunity for education
The teachers are all easy to talk to, and because it is such a small community, everyone talks to everyone and wont feel alone
My experience at Othello High School has been a great one. Every day I feel welcomed into opened arms. I feel as the teachers care about me and my education which strived me to be a great student. The Othello School District gave me tons of opportunitys such as a dual language program during elementry school which allowed me to understand and speak Spanish. The School district even opened up an opportunity to me through sports. Because of that opportunity I will be attending a Community College to play baseball and further my education on a scholarship.
Othello School District is a great school, amazing teachers. That’s pretty much it. High School in Othello High is not nice, per say. The students I attend school with are disrespectful. Teachers have to put up with that everyday for the years they teach. Some students don’t have the motivation to learn anything, they just sit and do nothing for 50 minutes. I enjoy attending Othello High School, but this district has a lot of bullies that should be taken care of.
I love the close knit community it brings, I enjoyed going to school there. It's got a nice variety of teachers who care a lot about their students and overlook the differences between them.
I love going to othello high school because the school has lots of activities we can participate in and lots of great teachers that we can ask questions for help Even though othello high school is a great school I believe that there needs to be more parent involvement.
As a high school student at Othello High School, I enjoyed it for the most part. Our school is a medium sized high school, in a fairly small town. Because of this, everybody knows everybody and that severely impacted our environment. My teachers were my friends parents, and my mom probably cut all of their parents's hair. The only thing I would improve at OHS is the organization within the students. This is hard because it is hard to let irresponsible teenagers take charge in the school, but students like to express their creativity.
Othello school district is great when it comes down to being educated, being eligible to take all these college courses has really challenged me but will only get me prepared for college. This high school is great on sports too, I do cross country and wrestling and we have decent teams that are only getting better.
I love how close our community is, I am not completely in love with the way some teachers handle their students grading based on favoritism.
The Othello school district is very well organized. They have a welcoming environment. However, I wish they gave students an opportunity to voice their opinions and for the Othello School district to actually take their considerations and make changes happen.
I went to Othello Highschool, it's a school full of diversity. It was a very nice school loved the teachers and staff there. One thing I say would need to change would be that more parents should be involved. The same parents volunteer every year so other parents should have the opportunity to get more involved.
Gives students the best opportunity they can have in whatever situation they may be in; however, since it is a small town teacher quality can be poor, and there aren't as many classes as in a larger sized school. With that said they're are teachers that are very invested in helping students be able to pursue their what they want to do.
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It’s not very organized nor do they offer much. The school district makes decisions that much of the public doesn’t agree with and I wish it could be better.
What I have experienced at my school is that we all tend to have not that much of scool spirit and they tend to focus on more of what we wear rather than who they hire for us to teach and our academics but we have an incredible school that has a positive outlook for the seniors future
I have loved my time at the Othello School District however, there have been multiple administration changes which have affected the climate of the schools.
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