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Oswego Community Unit School District No. 308 Reviews

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I enjoyed that the school district had many opportunities for students to seek out help if they needed it through counselors or other students or teachers. There is a lot of school spirit in the students that makes the school more enjoyable and gets everyone involved.
Healthy Learning Environment, with the occasional unprofessional staff member. Does not effectively prepare students for college. The bare minimum academic ability is required to pass through the school district. Diversity is not a huge problem but there is a very visibly caucasian majority. The main focus of the district seems to be the athletic events. Which are very nice however they distract students. Most hold jobs during their time and care not for their academics while a select amount excel.
SD 308 offers great opportunities for students to take advance classes and online classes. They provide several opportunities for advanced students to excel.
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Everything I got out of school I got because I pursued it. This school district has a lot of the means to succeed, but it is not good at pushing them. They give a lot of funding to the science program and the robotics team, but not nearly as much as they give to football team, and as such the sports were more central to the district's identity than was actual education
For the most part, my experience within the school district was okay. I think the school is too expensive and sports are too expensive and I don't think that it's okay for them to try to get rid of the arts programs to make up for all the money they need. I also think they care too much about stupid rules such as the "dress code" or if students are allowed to carry a backpack or not. But that's just my opinion.
Oswego East High School is a fine public high school. Some courses were not as rigorous as they should have been, but in many of the classes, you could learn enough if you were willing to study above and beyond some of your classmates. When I started college at Columbia College Chicago, I felt a bit underprepared in some ways, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't study extra on my own time to make up the difference.
My experience the last four year at Oswego high school were pretty good. Although towards the end of my high school career the district has to undergo some budget cuts that made a huge impact on students. Some examples are that the district raised the price for a sports team from $75 to $300 per sport, with no cap at our 3 sport. Also they let go some teachers because we simply couldn’t afford to keep them.
I have 2 sons in 2 different schools in the district and I love our district. They communicate with the families on an exceptional level. The teachers are amazing. They offer gifted education and more AP classes than I've ever heard of.
Oswego Community is great. Except for the school district who does not know how to handle money, stick with boundary's, and look into teachers who should be gone. If your looking for an average district choose 308.
Oswego High School is a great high school that provides a great education. It has an AP program that prepares students for college and goes deep into the subject they are studying. The school does well with struggling students as well by having classes that goes at a slower pace. Oswego High School also has a good special education program that students can participate in with helping the special needs students. The High School has plenty of extracurricular clubs and activities which are open to everyone. Overall, Oswego High School is an inclusive school with a great education.
Great band program! Alot of opportunities to get involved and most teachers care about their students.
The school district is great and the education is amazing. They prepare the students very well for their future by offering plenty of higher level courses and internships at the highschool level. One improvement could be that they figure out their budget issue and learn how to spend money wisely and not raise the sports fees/create an activities fee.
My time at Oswego East has been very memorable. The teachers are phenomenal, the administration is kind and understanding, and the students gain a lot from their education. I feel that I am very well prepared for my transition into college and have a lot to thank the Oswego Community Unit School District No. 308 for: friends, an amazing education, and an overall supportive experience.
The school district is overall pretty good. They have a lot of resources available to students and create a positive atmosphere. The academics is also on par with other schools. The school district needs to do a better job managing their budget and finances.
Overall, my personal experience with the Oswego Community Unit School District was good. Coming from a lower income family and being homeless since my sophomore year, I struggled registering for school, sports,activities, and even colleges. The school district truly did everything they could to help me and I am so grateful! The staff is always willing to help. However, the downside of the school district would be inconsistency. During my time at Oswego East, I had three principals and there were always staff members coming and going. Overall, the district is extremely helpful.
It was overall a decent school. Depending on the subject you like the most. My best experiences with teachers, was art and English. The food is not very good. They also started creating less options each year for food. The school equipment is pretty up to date and good for the most part. If you like the adobe programs, sadly they do not have the most up to date version, nor do they pay for the package for you to have at home. So you can only really work on projects at school which is a bit of a let down.
I recently graduated from there. It was a horrible experience. The only fun part was socializing with a couple people. The teachers are rude. The deans are rude. The staff is rude.
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Oswego District 308 is very good with all academics and sports. The clubs are amazing and continue to make Oswego a proud town. The people who surround this district are very helpful and are willing to go out of the way to help ensure the success of the students, as well as staff. The community has done its part, and continues to, help out where ever and whenever it can. Whether it be helping students get the education they need and deserve, or planting in the community, you can count on the Oswego 308 District to be there,
There are many opportunities for students. From after school tutoring in elementary to a variety of clubs.
District 308 is far from perfect, but I do recognize that the district has benefits compared to other areas. I'd say our mostly upper middle class area allows for higher budgets capable of providing greater support to students, staff, and parents, but there are minor hindrances that prevent this review from being perfect.
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