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Oswego City School District Reviews

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Oswego isn't a bad high school. There's plenty of clubs- such as the new agricultural club. The classes range from regents to AP to College level. The only real issue is the drug problem. I personally like the city, though. You just have to be careful with the type of people you make friends with.
Oswego High School is not terrible but, needs very much improvement in ALL areas.The teachers are excellent if you take AP classes but other than that, they really strive to make you pass with a 65. The students themselves are disrespectful in regular/regents classes as well as distracting to the students who do want to learn. I would like to see teachers who are actually willing to help. Students scream, and swear in the halls.The administration is really what needs to change.
Teachers are approachable. Oswego School District is a great district that pushes for students to excel and stride for a bright future. Oswego is determined to make their students become superior in the Common Core.
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I liked that throughout my years there were more classes offered each year. I was able to take challenging curses that both prepared me for college and allowed me to enjoy the subject I was learning. I had some very friendly teachers, but I also had some no so nice teachers. There were very few teachers that went out of their way for the students and I feel that there should be more teachers that want to help the students instead of hurt them. More teachers need to
Oswego City School district is very well with maintaining their sports programs as well as music and the arts. The districts facilities and teachers are average as they did not make a huge impact in my life while attending there. Overall, growing up in this school district didn’t influence me to stay in the area, more or less want to leave.
The district is below average in graduation rate, has teachers that are poorly trained to teach. The facilities are average at best with the food being terrible. Bad culture as well with high drug use and pregnancy rates. The sports teams are usually pretty bad and the coaches aren't motivated to try much as there isn't a replacement.
The OCSD is a small, close-knit community. Students are well-behaved and helpful.

It has little diversity, particularly in terms of faculty and staff.
Oswego High is just really average. The classes are only really satisfactory if you take honors, but most of the teachers here are excellent and willing to go out of their way to help you. However the band program here is wonderful, even if some of the instruments are need a lot of love.
It is a small community, which makes the experience seem much more personal, and lets you really get to know your peers and teachers.
Some teachers will not help students that ask for it. Some students have legitimate reasons for poor success in school (home life, drugs, causing chaos ina the community) which is contributing to its poor grade.
I have lived in Oswego my entire life. I started off at Leighton Elementary where I completed grades K-6. I enjoyed going to school here very much. I met lots of friends and teachers. I loved going to school each and every day. In Elementary school I joined band. As a senior in High School I still play the French Horn. I also started playing mellophone in the Marching Band for Oswego. I learned many skills from marching band. In High School I also joined the Girls Varsity golf team. I am very thankful I decided to join the team as a freshman. I joined the Nation Junior Honor Society in Middle School. I deem Community Service a very important thing. As well in High School I joined the National Honor Society continuing community service with peers. I am very thankful for all that Oswego City School District has to offer in many aspects.
Oswego City School district has the potential to be great, but consistently spends money on the wrong things which is why the education there is very limited. I would not recommend going to the Oswego City School District for schooling, as there are far more respectable places to get a better education.
I would like to see better discipline. Students walk all over the teachers and get away with too much.
I had a good experience, overall. I think that the music program is really good. I would like to see more clubs and more announcements/openness about the clubs that do exist. I know there are clubs, but I don't know what they all are or know much about them. In other words, they don't seem easy to join because they aren't advertised well. I think that the guidance office should offer more resources/advice in terms of extracurricular activities and volunteer work that colleges would like to see. They should make more announcements about scholarships offered, too.
Everyone was kind from what I could see. The teachers focused on the students and whenever someone struggled they had someone to turn to.
I enjoyed my connection with some of the teachers but overall, I think the academics could be stronger. In addition, I feel like I had very little support in academics and the counselors weren't very helpful
A few good teachers. Most teachers seem to be just going thru the motions. It's hard to meet with teachers as soon as the bell rings they are gone. The school district did have good sports and clubs but now with budget cuts, there isn't a wide variety
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