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Ossining Union Free School District Reviews

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ossining school distritic is terrible because the schools have bad food some teachers just dont care about what happens to you and some kids in the school (amd) are smoking and making my health bad because im inhaling the smoke witch is bad for you and all the food that they make is FAKE!
Brookside is a good school Although I personally as a student have varypoorexperiences with this school. This school is extremely diverse yet the kids arent together. THey stay separate in their groups. THey are extremely rude to anyone who is not "one of them". Fights break out every three weeks. Suspensions happen every week in the Middle school. If you are planning to send your child to this school from k-12 dont wait untill ninth grade the High school is very good.
Ossining Union Free School District is a safe place for students studying every day. Teachers are nice and they always answer your questions or concerns. They have amazing program for kids, they are best known for science and math. If your kids are good and love STEM this is the place you should send your kids to.
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I have never attended any other district besides this one, sports and science programs in the High School are one of its top priorities, although other programs such as drama seem not to be as seen from their dressing rooms which aren't as renewed as the latest gym (ceilings leak when it rains as told by my friend). So there is certainly more programs in the High School that are seen as more important than others. Besides that there are many different teachers here, many try to suit your needs by staying after school and helping you with homework or even any other questions you have. There are also many different clubs to participate in such as SAGA, which is an LGBTQ club where anyone can get involved and discuss. The school itself is pretty old and has new renovations each passing year such as a new entrance and an extra gym, though it is much smaller than the first.
What I enjoyed about Ossining union Free school district is they try so hard to incorporate parents in their Child's education. They also provide presentation for parents every now and then on programs and extra curricular activities they can participate with their children.
This school had amazing teachers who work to their hardest ability to make sure that there students do well. They will offer periods for kids to ask for help or have after-school hours as well. The sport are doing well in Ossining, especially the girls basketball team. They have many amenities available for all their students and are trying to adapt to include more. This is a great school to attend overall.
I have been a part of other districts as a student, staff and as a parent. OUFSD won my heart. Its more than a district its a community. Teachers, parents, students, staff, local business owners and local government.. all work together to give our kids the best we can. As a mom of a child with an IEP, I could not be more grateful for this district.
I will always look back on my time in the OUFSD fondly. It's crazy how many life-changing opportunities I had access to at a public school, and the support I received along the way. Thanks to the teachers and staff of OUFSD, I'm now attending an ivy league institution, and many of my classmates are doing the same.
Ossining High School has made me who I am today. They have provided me with the resources and academic preparation necessary to attend university. Being a first generation student I had no idea where to begin with the college application process, however Ossining High School, with their supportive faculty and helpful programs, made something that seemed so impossible, a reality for both me and my family.
I am on my 4th and final year in Ossining High School. There is a lot of racial tension that goes on in OHS between students especially this year with the class of 2018 and I feel as though nothing was done to try to help stop it. The school needs to work on not giving one race more privilege in school over the others and stop turning their heads and acting like there isn't an issue. The school also needs to work on getting kids ready for college, i feel as though they don't do enough to prepare us for college and then we go out into the world lost. Overall I think my experience at Ossining High School was pretty average, I pretty good grades all four years.
The Ossining School District has so many incredible teachers who are not only passionate about teaching, but also about their students. The schools in the district offer so many classes and clubs that every kid is sure to find something they love.
One of my favorite parts about the Ossining School District is the diversity that is recognized and encouraged at every school.
Loved going to the Ossining Union free school district. Was an amazing experience with so much diversity and life lessons. I would definitely want my kids going there.
Ossining is a very diverse school district with people from all different walks of life. The teachers are all very welcoming and eager to teach. Students are nice to each other and there are rarely issues.
The academic opportunities that Ossining school district provides prepares kids for their future. The diversity of the schools gives kids a chance to experience the real world. Ossining provides clubs and activities to all students, so they have a place to fit in and be apart of the school.
The school is so diverse and amazing. The professors are very caring and are always willing to help! The district has great pride in their math and science program, as well as their outstanding music program. The Ossining school district is a very safe environment for kids to grow, develop and learn to enjoy life while gaining knowledge for the long run
A fantastic school district where you can get a great education. Must be willing to work hard and put in the effort of doing the work and the teachers will be willing to help the students.
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I found the ossining highschool did not do as much as it should have in the way of preparing students for life and making sure that they would succeed in school. However, there are some members of the faculty who are fantastic and were able to help me with the college process, you have to go out of your way to find them. As for the safety of the school, I gave it a one star due to the numerous fights that occur both on and off school grounds that have very little done about them. I was attacked less that 30 feet from the school and when I walked back into the school bloody and bruised with a broken finger, my principle looked at me, asked me if it happened on school grounds, then said there was nothing he could do about it. The kids who attacked me were both students at Ossining High School and I had to push to get them expelled.
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